With all eyes being on you, there’s no wonder you want to make sure you arrive in style on your big day. After all, it’s the first opportunity to make a stylish statement — not to mention it makes for a precious photo op. Creating a grand entrance and/or a flashy departure all depends on your wedding transportation. When considering your modes of transportation, there are many unique ways to go but it really comes down to what type of first (and final) impression you want to give. Do you want it to be sophisticated and elegant? Or something fun and kitschy? Do you want to start with a bang or leave with one? It really depends on what best fits your special day and what works for both you and your partner. The sky’s limit! To get those creative juices flowing, here are some unique wedding transportation ideas to consider.


The classic standard. Nothing says sophistication like arriving in a stretch limousine. It’s also the perfect option for transporting the wedding party along with you but also makes for a luxury space just for the bride and groom.

Unique wedding transportation ideas to think about!

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School bus

If your wedding is more on the kitschy side and you’re looking for a fun option, as well as one that can hold your wedding party and then some, then make your grand entrance in a school bus and try not to sing, “The wheels on the bus go round and round…”

Luxury Car

Nothing says dramatic than rolling up in a luxury car that’s straight out of a James Bond movie. This option is great for car lovers as well as for those throwing refined weddings looking for an extra va-va-vroom.

Unique wedding transportation ideas to think about!


Who needs to arrive by land when you can float up in…a boat? Is this one of the greatest unique wedding transportation ideas or what? If your big day is near a lake or ocean, it might just be the coolest option. Maybe you choose a sailboat and ride along with your wedding party, or maybe you select a more romantic option, like a rowboat or canoe built for two. Whatever you choose, you know what they say: sea-ze the day!

Unique wedding transportation ideas to think about!

Old transit vehicles

If your wedding has a vintage theme, you might want to consider arriving in an old transit vehicle, like an antique streetcar, trolley, or bus.

Unique wedding transportation ideas to think about!

Party Bus

The standard option for those who want to celebrate with their wedding party and loved ones pretty much all night long. This is a great choice for those who want to transport a large group of people and, thanks to music and a well-stocked bar, keep the good times rolling.


Showing up on a motorcycle brings just the right amount of that old-school cool vibe. It also makes for a dramatic exit as you and your honey zoom off into the Hollywood-esque life of your dreams (or so you would like to make your guests believe).

Unique wedding transportation ideas to think about!


Talk about making a grand entrance. It’s a bird, it’s a plane…no, it’s you and your beloved and if you’re looking to make people’s heads turn as you lift off, or chopper down, this is the choice for you.

Unique wedding transportation ideas to think about!


Are you throwing a rustic-themed wedding? Nothing is cuter than driving around on a tractor with your honey, especially if your big day is taking place at a farm.


This is the most magical mode of transportation if your wedding is taking place around the holiday season. With some snow and good cheer, you can jingle all the way into your ceremony.


If you’re having a whimsical wedding (and you’re big into saving the environment), then arriving via bicycle might be the best ‘grammable moment.

Unique wedding transportation ideas to think about!