Today’s wedding is the perfect blend of rustic charm and natural beauty. Located at the scenic Black Creek Eventspace, Vanessa and Michael’s big day is beautifully ethereal with its organic green backdrop and lush floral details. Luckily for you, Zsuzsi Pal Photography was there to capture all of the stunning snaps.

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As the bride adjusts her groom’s lapel, the couple share a moving first look.

V&M-ZsuzsiPalPhotography(17of59) V&M-ZsuzsiPalPhotography(18of59) V&M-ZsuzsiPalPhotography(20of59) V&M-ZsuzsiPalPhotography(16of59) V&M-ZsuzsiPalPhotography(12of59) V&M-ZsuzsiPalPhotography(25of59)

The couple’s intimate ceremony was effortlessly chic thanks to the surrounding natural charm.

V&M-ZsuzsiPalPhotography(32of59) V&M-ZsuzsiPalPhotography(34of59)V&M-ZsuzsiPalPhotography(37of59)

Chock full of darling DIY details — like potted plants place cards — and sweet shrubbery and florals from Plush Flowers , the newlyweds’ reception was the epitome of simple elegance with a dash of coziness. Strings of twinkly lights and a neutral, clean palette rounded out the crisp, yet cute look.

V&M-ZsuzsiPalPhotography(46of59)V&M-ZsuzsiPalPhotography(43of59) V&M-ZsuzsiPalPhotography(45of59) V&M-ZsuzsiPalPhotography(42of59) V&M-ZsuzsiPalPhotography(40of59) V&M-ZsuzsiPalPhotography(52of59)