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Kristen Mancini

Sohpie's was the first and only gown shoppe I needed to find my perfect dress. There was so much selection I didn't know where to begin as I had never tried on dresses before or even thought of what I would like. Livia was my consultant and she was absolutely amazing! She is so sweet and I could tell right away that she has had a lot of experience. She was able think of perfect dresses to show me just from me describing them to her, or ones that she thought would complement me and my body type. She NAILED IT! Every detail I loved or disliked in a dress, she would bring me one that was even more perfect than the next until there was nothing more I could say. Thank you to the amazing team and Livia for helping this part of the wedding planning the easiest decision so far. Will definitely be bringing my bridesmaids in to get their dresses as well.

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Megan Harman

I had a great experience choosing my wedding dress at Sophie's! This store has a HUGE selection of dresses. Livia made the shopping experience relaxing and fun. She helped to pick out dresses that matched the style I was looking for, as well as suggesting other styles I might like, while helping me stay within my budget. She helped me find the perfect wedding dress!

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Kate S.

Today was my second visit to Sophie's. I went originally and looked at many dresses. Natasha, my consultant was excellent - she pulled everything based on what I wanted (she also had me try on some other styles to make sure that I found what I really wanted!) and stayed well within my budget. I came back this week to try on my 2 favourites and 1 new dress that had recently come in. I ended up love my first favourite from the week before and I said YES to the dress! Everyone was very pleasant there, the store is clean & organized and Natasha was absolutely amazing. She felt like a friend instead of a consultant and I feel incredibly happy with my choice! One of the great things she did was have me walk around in my dress and watch as the back moved - it actually sold me 100% on the style and is a great tip for any future brides going to look at dresses. Make sure you move around in it too! I can't wait to go back when my dress comes in!

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Diane Samaniego

I had an amazing experience. From the moment my family and I came in the door we were welcomed with very friendly atmosphere. My budget wasn't high but I was very pleased with Livia's help and choices. I SAID YES TO MY DRESS with her. Her manager Jennifer also helped us making sure everything was going amazing. I am very happy I visited Sophie's. I recommend it. :)

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