We all know that the dress and the ring take centre stage on your wedding day—but there are other pieces that should take equal thought and care. They can make a big impact on your overall look, and can even help make your day easier.

Here are some wedding accessories that we think you should consider for your upcoming nuptials!

Adorn your crown

Hair accessories are a great way to make a statement and thankfully there are many options to choose from. There are headbands, fancy bobby pins, and comb clips, embellished with anything from Swarovski crystals to pearls, sparkles, and even diamonds. Adding a little bling to your hair can spice up a more understated dress, or add even more sparkle to a show stopper of a dress. Collaborate with your hairdresser on how to best fit hair accessories into your vision.

Wedding Accessories Every Bride Should Consider

The tried and true something borrowed

Having something personal with you as you walk down the aisle will only make your day more meaningful. Think of a family heirloom that’s been passed down through generations, or a memento from a family member that has passed away.  Why not a lucky coin that you place in your pocket? Your grandmother’s ring, or a special photo in a locket that you wear underneath your dress.

Wedding Accessories Every Bride Should Consider

A clutch or purse 

All you need on your wedding day are the essentials. Having a purse or clutch to keep your lipstick, tissues, mirror, or blotting powder/sheets in for touch-ups throughout the day is a godsend. If you’re purchasing your dress from a bridal boutique they are sure to have options in-store. You can also always buy elsewhere, and take a swatch of your wedding dress fabric with you on your search to make sure they match.

A comfortable pair of shoes

Comfort or fashion? Why not both?  A bride will spend the majority of her wedding day on her feet. There’s the ceremony, photoshoots, and meeting and greeting all the guests. Many brides chose to wear the more stylish heel for the ceremony and pictures, and then switch over to something more comfortable in the evening. Flats, a kitten heel or even bridal sneakers—yes that’s a thing— can give a bride much-needed comfort so she can end her night tearing it up on the dance floor. A good idea is to take your heels out for a test drive prior to your wedding to see how long you can last in them!

Wedding Accessories Every Bride Should Consider

A pair of great quality earrings

The question isn’t if you are going to wear earrings on your wedding day, the question is what kind of earrings you are going to wear? If the dress has a deeper neckline you may opt for a dangly pair that grazes your shoulders when you glide down the aisle. There is also the option of a more simple stud or pearl for a more ornate dress. You can also reverse this suggestion as rules are meant to be broken, and you should wear what makes you feel beautiful.

Wedding Accessories Every Bride Should Consider

While you don’t want anything that pulls too much focus from the dress, picking accessories that accent your look are a key part of looking and feeling great on your wedding day.