If you only remember one thing when planning your wedding, let it be this: not everything is going to go according to plan. It’s unfortunate, but true that there are a few things out of your control. Here are a few wedding bummers that you are not allowed to let ruin your day!

1. Your dream venue is booked:

Hey, it happens. Even if you’re planning with lots of time, sometimes venues are booked up to three years in advance, especially during popular times. All this means is that you know what you like and can find a similar venue that will be even more perfect for your big day.

Wedding Bummers

2. Some guests arrive late:

Late arrivals will happen, and there isn’t much you can do about it. Whether it’s traffic, an emergency or just plain carelessness, unless you are missing a key person from the wedding, carry on as planned. Late guests will likely sneak into the ceremony once it’s started so try to ignore the distraction and be in the moment with your new spouse. Odds are, by the end of the night, even the end of the ceremony, you’ll have forgotten all about it.

3. One of your ‘DO NOT PLAY’ songs comes on:

Even if you have a list of taboo songs, your DJ might not be able to reference each and every request given. Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can really do about this one so take a bathroom break and enjoy the rest of the night.

4. Someone’s speech goes down some very inappropriate roads:

Even if you pre-read everyone’s speeches and continuously remind them to NOT bring up that time your spouse almost died in college… it might happen. Remember that this is not a reflection of you or your spouse, but of the ‘friend’ making the speech. Roll with the punches and try to laugh it off best you can.

5. Your flowers aren’t the exact shade of pink you wanted:

With things like flowers, you are at the mercy of mother nature and might have to be okay with the fact that your blooms aren’t quite the shade of pink you had pictured. No one else will notice so you shouldn’t waste time worrying about it!

6. Your guests get a little silly, a little fast:

Oops, your signature cocktails were so tasty that everyone had a few too many. No sweat – just have the waitstaff slow down on wine and speed up on the water refills during dinner.

7. People use their phones during your unplugged ceremony:

Possibly one of the more frustrating things that can happen during your unplugged ceremony is looking out at all your friends and seeing their phones. Rather than stopping your vows to march back up the aisle and take their phone away, just ignore them and enjoy the moment.

At the end of the day, you’re marrying your best friend – so as much as the wedding bummers are well, a bummer… don’t let them ruin your day!