Providing valet service at your wedding is a huge gesture that guests will certainly appreciate. A valet removes all the guesswork from a seemingly trivial, yet oftentimes irksome task: parking. Any service that makes the day a little easier for you, your family, and your friends, is one worth looking into, so let’s delve into some reasons why it can be worthwhile!

It’s one less thing to think about

As mentioned above, one of the stresses of going to any event is figuring out the parking situation – especially in Toronto. Hiring a valet service to work at your wedding or engagement party provides guests with some serious peace of mind. You can rest assured your guests and loved ones won’t have to worry about looking for parking and can instead focus on enjoying the day. They also won’t have to be concerned about getting a parking ticket or need to move their car half way through your wedding, as they would if they were to use metered parking or a parking lot that closes at a specific time. 

There’s no doubt here: when guests don’t have to look up a venue in advance to scope out the closest Green P or street alternative, they’ll thank you!

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Greatly reduce the worries of your guests

A valet can make guests feel a whole lot safer with respect to leaving their cars in a new or unfamiliar environment. They won’t have to worry about finding a spot that’s close enough for them to keep an eye on their vehicle since this will now be delegated to a professional for the evening. As an added bonus, guests are likely to feel a lot less weary in regards to having their car being targeted by any lowlife criminals.

It’s also ideal for any single person coming to your special day. Having someone drive your car right up to the front door is the optimal way to leave an event. When you are heading home, the last thing you want to have to do is look for your vehicle alone at night in a parking garage – especially not while you’re wearing heels!

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It’s a thoughtful gesture

In addition to the convenience factor, a valet at your wedding is a considerate choice for loved ones with special requirements.

Older guests will not have to worry about having to walk a far distance to your venue. If they use a cane or just get tired easily, this service can be a godsend. Attendees with disabilities can pull right up to the curb and be assisted in or out of their vehicles, as can anyone who is pregnant or has young children. It’s much easier to unload a wheelchair or a stroller right in front of the venue, instead of on the side of the street or parking lot, between and around other cars.

Why You Should Hire A Valet Company For Your Intimate Event

It greatly elevates your event

A valet service adds a serious level of sophistication to your event. Not only does valet make for a great first impression, but there is something about it that gives you that VIP feeling. Valet attendants are always dressed to impress and provide quite a welcome as guests arrive at your venue. Some companies have additional services, like a red carpet and coat check, if you want to go the extra mile. There are even some valets that offer a text service to let you know when your car is ready – love it!

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While certainly not mandatory, there are definitely benefits to valet service. If you can budget for it and it makes sense for you and your vision for the day, then it may just be right for you.