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NK Entertainments

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NK Entertainments
The most unprofessional business I have ever dealt with. Will not give you their names, they hang up and put you on hold and never come back. The rudest guy, could not give a fk about anything but money. Tried to get our money back do to a tragic event. Etransfer was cancelled within 24 hrs after it was sent, but they kept it and claimed it is their policy not to refund under any circumstances.
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NK Entertainments
STAY FAR AWAAAAAAYY!! I wish i saw these reviews before i booked with them. Definitely the worst!! 1985 equipment, and now ghosting me on my refund.
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NK Entertainments
R. B.
Absolutely the WORST rental company and experience I've ever had!
- They were hours late for drop off and DAYS late for pick up, with no communication. When I called after 7 hours of waiting, they had no respect for me nor my time.
- Most items are damaged and not clean. Linens were stained. Chair cushions were dirty and damaged. Colours of cushions did not match. Tables wobbled.
- Worst customer service and neglect from managers. No compensation for any of it. Managers ignored my calls and refused to call me back.
Horrible experience. I strongly recommend you rent elsewhere.
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NK Entertainments

These people are real fraudsters. Cheated and scammed so many clients. Please read their google and other reviews. We will be running awareness campaign #fraudsterNKEntertainment to identify all the victims before the legal proceedings. Please email us at [email protected]

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NK Entertainments
Do not rent from this company. Their business practices are shameful. I am shocked that they are still in business. I have dealt with many rental companies before and I thought I would try them out. BIG MISTAKE!!!! Stay away and save your money. If i could give them zero stars I would.
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NK Entertainments
Karen McElroy
Reported to better business bureau. Hope to get a refund. Do not rent from NK Entertainment.
I cannot express how absolutely disgusted I am in this company.
It was the worst experience with a company I have ever had or heard of.

I paid for four patio heaters to arrive the day of Friday Sept 30th, I received a call at 4:48pm from NK Entertainment and was told the heaters were on the way and would be there soon. At 7pm, during the rehearsal dinner for my daughter's wedding, I was called and told the heaters would not be coming at all that day. I was in shock! I couldnt believe it. I had to bring all my guests inside and rearrange the evenings plans of enjoying a beautiful evening on the patio with the warmth the four heaters I paid for.
I was so upset over this but tried to be calm and understanding as I know things can happen and was promised that the heaters would be arriving the next day at 7am.
I was staying at a different location so I asked the best man to wake up early, as I was told someone had to to wait for them to arrive to show them where to put the heaters. The heaters did not arrive until after 9:30 am. That was not only maddening to have someone get up early waiting by the window for no reason but extremely stressful thinking that they wouldn't get there at all, again.
We were all very relieved when they finally arrived as the weather was cold and we obviously needed them, that's why I ordered and paid for them, so my guests would be warm.
When I asked NK Entertainment via email if the propane tanks arrive full and ready to go, I was told yes. The groomsmen who met with the people who delivered were told the propane last 10 hours each. To our absolute horror and disgust, the propane heaters each lasted only 2-3 hours. I have more than 100 witnesses to this fact.
How horrible for myself, my guests and the bride and groom. I cannot express enough how angry I am. Our guests were freezing and I was absolutely heartbroken for my daughter that had planned such a beautiful outdoor wedding.

This whole experience with NK Entertainment was absolutely disgusting.
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