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Michaelangelo Yambao

January 2019

Locked in a room with friends. No way out. Seemingly random things strewn about the room. Mysterious indeed, but when things start to click, it's so great. One of the first ever games in Japan that started the entire genre, this game is escape rooms at their core, and at their best. Take away the fancy style-over-substance special effects and superfluous production values in other newer games and you're reminded why you like escape games in the first place: well put together puzzles, a workout for the brain, and fun with friends. We almost made it out, but had one more cognitive leap that we didn't manage to put together before time ran out. Maybe you guys will do better. In any case, it was super fun. The staff, dubbed Game Masters, were awesome, and it shows that they love all things gamey/puzzly. Make sure to try it out when/if you get the chance!


August 2018

We did the last run of Mad Fox before they shut it down and it was a lot of fun. My group made it out with 6 seconds to spare! Definitely want to try the other rooms.

Yas Marcu

June 2018

I tried the Mad Fox escape room for a company event. It was really fun yet challenging! The staff (black fox) was very friendly and his hints were helpful. Everyone had a blast!

Donald C.

May 2018

No pictures inside the room. What I can share is that it was very enjoyable and challenging. Went as a group, great team building exercise. Highly recommended.

Ryan Shissler

December 2017

Escape from the Time Travel Lab: Overpriced. We had fun but there was virtually no theme in the decoration. Think bare drywall with the odd thing hung up on it. Only of a few of the puzzles had to do with the theme at all. The overall concept of the game was interesting, but you have to get pretty far into it before that becomes apparent. Plus, with the degree of difficulty I felt like we were constantly asking for help with the puzzles so there was little sense of accomplishment when we succeeded. When we won the game even then it was unclear we did so... until we all just wandered out of the room and were congratulated. There was just no real sense of urgency, no immersion. I guess most of the price goes to the helpful and kind staff there that would be impossible to succeed without.

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