Sanremo Bakery

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Sanremo Bakery

Chris Burch

February 2020

Best bakery in and around Toronto. I try to go once a week as the food is addictive. Best steak sandwich every Tuesday! Unfortunately it's only on the menu one day a week, but they have many other delicious hot food items. One complaint I have, they should have at least 5 more locations or even better on every corner!

Sanremo Bakery

Aditeacha Petah

January 2020

The good- The food is fresh, the deserts are tasty, lots of staff wait times are short, the bakers do a great job. The bad- Some of the prices on certain items could be less like the donuts, croissants, & pizzas. Bring back the Original Nutella Cake its smaller now, no filling in the centre REMOVE the wrapping they added around it it's a pain to cut & slice. Why Fix Something that wasn't broken?

Sanremo Bakery

Azka Shafiq

December 2019

One of our favourite bakeries. Huge selection and amazing prices. The cheesecakes and carrot cakes are amazing. The donuts are so yummy as well! Get here early on the weekends if you want to get the cheesecake and donuts of your choice as they run out fairly quickly.

Sanremo Bakery

leanne kemp

December 2019

This bakery is divine. It had everything you need. From delicious deli sandwiches, to pizza to baked treats. It's so fresh and the service is great. It's a very busy place but that just shows you how much people love this place. I go once a week and it's an amazing experience every time.

Sanremo Bakery

M Woodward

November 2019

We enjoy to go out. Last night we arrived in this magnificent place which we didnt know before. We passed a beautiful time there with delicious dishes and a professional crew and a professional cook. We put this place in our phone list and we will definitely come back soon. We highly recommend.

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