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Taz Hair

Sausan S

November 2019

After the most hideous DIY disaster of bleaching hair over Henna (my crown was clown orange) with zebra stripes of dark brown (my natural color) and orange all over, I decided it was time for an intervention - by a professional . Since I live in the Yonge Bloor area, I researched salons close by and visited 4 of the highest ranking salons in Yorkville and although they werent as horrified as I had anticipated, each of them told me that my hair was damaged and would not be able to withstand any more bleaching to even out the color and that if anything, Id have to dye my hair black.TAZ was obviously one of the top 5 salons I shortlisted. I had of course extensively researched these salons and read tons of reviews and this is where I first read about the genius of Norm. And can say without a shadow of doubt that everything I read was true, and Norm was all that and more. Right from the initial consultation, Norm was a thorough gentleman. He pacified me by saying that he had seen worse DIY disasters and was, to my surprise, quite excited by the challenge. This is when I knew that this person 100% knows what he is doing and has complete confidence in his abilities and that made me confident too, that I could trust him with the process and just sit back and relax. He vowed to give me Victorias Secret runway worthy locks and also quoted me a rate much lower than the other salons, who gave me zero guarantees that they could fix my hair. Where the other salons met my conundrum with ambivalence and hesitation Norm, with his super positive disposition, confidently assured me that he could fix my hair in one session. He was even kind enough to give me a generous amount of conditioner (free of charge) that I could leave on the night before my appointment, so that there was minimal damage. Norm is an incredibly beautiful person with an amazing heart and an upbeat vibe/energy that is contagious. He was so calm during the process, grooving to the (very good) music playing at the salon and I felt 100% at ease and honestly cannot praise him highly enoughDuring the consultation, Norm stated that getting the ash tones that I showed him in my reference photographs would be totally achievable and with a glimmer in his eyes , like any passionate artist, he said he could add shades of blue to the orange to color correct and a plethora of other exciting possibilities. Throughout the coloring process, Norm was very professional but also extremely kind, witty and attentive, and checked in every few minutes to see if I was doing okay or needed anything. He really knows how to make clients feel comfortable while providing five star service. The process was quick and once my hair was dried, the result was astounding. I was blown away by the fact that the final look was even better than all of the photographs I had brought in. Because my hair felt like straw prior to Taz, Norm wanted to make sure my split-ends (Which each had split ends of their own) were trimmed so that the complete look would come together and this brings me to the very lovely Aubrey. Aubery is like a breath of fresh hair. Since the time of my consultation with Norm, Aubery , who very warmly introduced herself, was so charming and friendly and assured me that Norm was the man for the job. Because my hair looked so fantastic I wanted a killer hairstyle to do it justice and so after reading the many amazing reviews of Audrey's haircutting prowess, I decided to go for the cut, even though my hair honestly felt like silk after the coloring and wash treatment. Since my hair is curly and very frizzy Aubrey wanted to give it some definition and obliged with my pleas to not cut it too short. She was extremely pleasant throughout, dispensing greats pearls of hairstylist wisdom and many expert tips on how to style my hair with various products and so forth. I felt like I was chatting with a friend. The cut was absolutely gorgeous ! A heartfelt thank you to the Taz team ! It is evident that everyone working at Taz is really invested and passionate about their jobs.

Taz Hair

soph d

September 2019

Dawn is the greatest colorist in Toronto. I have been a client of hers for years and I couldnt event imagine going to someone else. The rest of the staff is also super professional and extremely friendly. I have never left dissatisfied...100% recommend!

Taz Hair

Belle Kaplan

August 2019

Aubrey gave me an amazing haircut. I went camping, jumped in a lake, spent 3 hot afternoons wearing a helmet as I rock climbed, biked 20-30 minutes twice a day for the last week (obviously I wore a helmet) and my hair still looks amazing. Whatever treatment + cut combination they gave me was witchcraft.

Taz Hair

Lucy Hopkins

July 2019

Taz Yorkville is amazing. Aubrey gave me the haircut I didn't know I wanted - or, better yet, needed. I went in knowing I needed a change, but not sure what, exactly, that would look like. I barely had to say anything and Aubrey knew just what to do. I left with the best haircut I've ever had, a fantastic blowout and excellent tips to help me recreate the look at home. On top of that, the experience was wonderful - Aubrey helps you feel right at home and the ambience of the whole salon is top tier yet very welcoming. I highly recommend this salon and Aubrey! I'll be back as soon as I can.

Taz Hair

Lise Hosein

July 2019

I've been getting my hair coloured by Kelly at Taz for over a year, and she's the best person I've ever worked with. She understands my hair, takes the time to treat it with care and safety (which is essential when you're bleaching it), and she's great company throughout the process. I'd recommend her to anybody. She's amazing, and she'll make you look fantastic. :)

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