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Artscape Daniels Launchpad

Artscape Daniels Launchpad


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Chris Javier

March 2019

Great space. A few Google reviews complaining about the price, but as a professional creative of several years, I'd like to see those same people try and find these resources at a better price. It simply doesn't exist. The price is fine in my books. Granted, right now they're still building out the rest of the digital media lab (complete by summer 2019), but members were allowed free pilot access as they get things rolling. Rental rates are much cheaper as a member. The staff is very friendly, accommodating and flexible. Very excited to work in the studios when they're built and in full swing. Everything else that is finished, is fantastic. It's very clean and you get all the amenities you need for a productive working environment.I became a member recently and the space actually brings about a lot of focus and inspiration, especially with all the art everywhere and contemporary interior design. The common area isn't the quietest but definitely a space you can still work in - it's like any other creative/start-up, open concept office. There are project/meeting rooms available at an additional rate if you're looking for quiet, personal space. The terrace view of the Toronto skyline is beautiful. The legitimacy this place brings to my freelance business for my clients alone is worth the price. We're allowed 2 guests - so I hold all my meetings here. Not to mention, the network opportunities, third party resources and programs they offer creatives by being a member brings a ton of value in itself.If you're looking for a corporate, monotonous office feel with your own seat, table or cubicle, this place is NOT for you.

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February 2019

I was accepted for their inaugural membership at the ORIGINAL rates they posted on the website, then come to find out after the grand opening that it's actually increased. This was after I sent back my signed contract which was sent to me with both membership tiers checked, Leesa followed up with me to figure out which membership I wanted which I thought was a bit odd considering the for the initial sign up I selected Full Access. I was then charged before I even gave an answer, which was later reversed but it's almost like I'm speaking and no one is listening. I then went on to inquire about the membership pricing change as it was significant (from $80/mo. to $125/mo.) and I wanted to know why it had occurred, only to be met with denial. Flat out denied what I saw with my own eyeballs on the website when I signed up, and made to feel like I was delusional or something. Yuck!I was so turned off by the price increase and the denial of it, as this was supposed to be a creative hub to help artists, but it started to seem elitist and very obvious they want attract a "certain type" of creative. Which is so disappointing, it just seems like they aren't actually invested or interested in supporting the arts community on a real level. Shocker.I then was called to activate my membership and told the gentleman on the phone why I chose not to continue and he suggested I sign up for the bursary membership, which would potentially get me accepted for a "free" full access membership. Went to the website to check it out, and submissions were closed...LOL who is running this place? So unorganized, and extremely unprofessional.It's crazy to me to expect artists to pay $125/month for full access to studio equipment and then pay the RENTAL FEE on top?? How is this helping artists/creative entrepreneurs unless you're already well established? This place has potential but it's going about everything all wrong.

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Brent M

January 2019

Good equipments and shops, but I think they need to sort things out before charging members a full rate. It just doesn't make sense for members to pay without being able to fully utilize the space.And the co-working space is not work-friendly at all, almost like a joke. The interior design firm who executed this needs to think again about being in the profession. Horrible layout, no proper lighting, unusable 'hipster' reclaimed furniture for actually working. Learn from the actual co-working facilities like WeWork!The space has a good intention and promises, work it through Launchpad!

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Faire de la Mode Jewellery

January 2019

I love this space, the jewellery studio is extremely well equipped. Its just a lovely space to work and connect with fellow creatives

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Sword Security

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This is a beautiful venue and very friendly staff. The level of professionalism from the Event Team has made supplying security for Artscape Daniels Launchpad a pleasure. Thank you once again.

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Set up time can start at 7:00 AM. Events must end by 4:00 AM
Dressing Area, Coat Check, On-site parking
Audio Visual Equipment, Chairs, Lighting, Tables
Paid Parking, Wheelchair Access
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130 Queens Quay E, Toronto, ON M5A 3Y5
130 Queens Quay E, Toronto, ON M5A 3Y5​ 43.6445361 -79.3687904