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Kass R

May 2019

I was extremely pleased with the service. I received all that I wanted within a short period of time. Ordered decor rental and photo booth for event. Highly recommend.

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Carina M

April 2019

Couples Beware! My fianc and I went for an appointment for SL decor of our wedding recently. A few min sitting waiting in the show room another couple came in requesting a refund after they had done their wedding decor all wrong. The wife was sobbing. We looked at each other skeptical but carried on with the appointment. Rafi the owner sat in from the of us was not even listening to walmart I would say ..... his response without eye contact was "yes yes sure sure" while typing away. When I asked him about things later he was confused I had to repeat myself as if we never had an appointment. I can see how that other couple had got their decor all messed up. The next couple of days I asked for some pics of some floral arrangements, they were completely lost as if we never had an appointment.We left everything at that point and advised them they were a me. These people will give you a better price but you won't get what you want. The way they handle things is a mess. If decor is important to you stay away! Far away! Sometimes cheaper comes at a bigger cost and you will regret it. We are so so happy we walked away just to think we coupled be in the same position now and regretting going with this company!

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December 2018

I had an absolutely terrible experience with Babylon Decor. He charged me $1600 for sparklers that did not work AT ALL. He charged me $400 for an ice machine that did not work at all either. We agreed on some decorations and he brought different ones. He said all of the decor would be ready at 4:00, but it wasn't finished until 6:00 which clashed with my guests. I had to make our guests wait at the door until the room was ready. I would highly recommend people seek another decorator as you will not receive what you want. The decorations of my wedding cost me $8000 and for what I had, I would not even pay $2000.
he made me cry more than one time in my wedding. He screws up all of my wedding planning and all what I dreamed of. I called him like 5 times in my wedding and he latterly told me I cannot do anything now for you
I depend on the sparkles in my entree and cutting the cake slow dance but unfortunately one 2 of them 2 out of 8 works and only for 15 sec and then they were off which they supposed to work for at least 40 sec
The icing machine did not work at all. So, my slow dance as well screws up.
I think $8000 dollars should give you what you dream. I think its enough money to get the most beautiful decor ever.
We called him at the end of the wedding after I was so stress and crying all day because of him. And he starts yelling and shouting and swearing at us in very bad words and unpolite words. And at the end he hangs the phone on my face.
If you really need a peaceful wedding amazing and what you dream of do not take him as your decorator. I shared my experience because I know how each bride and groom feel at this day specially and I want you guys to have the best wedding ever. Dealing with Rafi and his staff at Babylon Décor you won’t have the best wedding I’m telling you
All I need Is what he promised me but he ended up not doing what he promised me.

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Marissa Rodrigues

December 2018

LOVED dealing with Babylon!! Rafi made things very easy and was extremely helpful with everything. They pay attention to detail and they made the backdrop/cake table/ receiving line look AMAZING! after the wedding everyone commented on how beautful the hall looked. I would highly recommend them to anyone planing an event.

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