You’re knee-deep into wedding planning and can see the light at the end of the tunnel – you’ve found that perfect venue, hired a great photographer, chosen your theme, finalized your menu, and found your dream dress. Perhaps you’re starting to experience planning fatigue (don’t worry, we’ve all been there!) or perhaps you feel you’re truly in your element. Either way, if you want your big day to turn out exactly as you envisioned (or even better!), don’t forget about those last finishing touches that truly lend that personal touch! We’re talking about those little extras that add the “wow” factor and the personal touch to your special day.

To help ease the planning process, we rounded up 10 unique finishing touches that you’ll want to consider for your special day – happy planning!

Balloon Decor

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“We love working with balloons in unique ways, and one of our favourite looks to style is our Organic Balloon Garland. What we love most about this look is the flexibility it gives us to be creative, and really sculpt a design that is all it’s own. Best of all, because they are so versatile, any event can be transformed flawlessly! From weddings to private parties, archways to sweet tables, we are seeing them become a must-have accessory for this year.”

– Laureign Lord, Sugargirlee & Co.

Dance Floor Decor

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“Elevating a standard black and white stripe pattern in a unique way helped deliver a chic look for this event. The custom floor and bar décor worked together to connect the design from one side of the room to the other while keeping a clean white background to the design. Altering a simplistic stripe pattern to something unique but still classic is a great way to make something uniquely yours.”

– Jill Barry, DFD Event Solutions

Hand Lettering & Calligraphy

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Photos Courtesy of Simply Lace Photography

“Calligraphy and hand lettering is a really unique and beautiful way to express and set the tone of your wedding day. At Love Lettering, beautiful signage is our highest priority as we want our pieces to not only look amazing, but be functional as well. I always have in mind that these pieces are custom works of art tailored for your most important day. It is not uncommon to create an installation for your signage to wow your guests. Surfaces can range from vintage mirrors, to window panes, to decorative chalkboards, the magic here is that we can letter on them all. With a deep love for typography and calligraphy, it’s my pleasure to create signage that weaves seamlessly into your wedding theme and elevates the tone and vision of what signage should be. It is purposeful, informative, and also decorative.”

– Doris Wai, Love Lettering

Colourful Backdrops

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Photo Courtesy of 424u

“We love creating backdrops that leave a lasting impression on everyone that encounters it and this backdrop does just that. We created this 3D white draped backdrop with a lot of swaged detail. The symmetry and design in the white 3D sheer drape gave us the ability to add three perfect arches filled with beautiful colours and florals. This backdrop was a perfect way to showcase the spirit of the bride and groom as well as their love for colour. It is elegant yet fun, intricate yet clean, and perfectly tied together the white room with the colourful florals.”

– Pierrette Alfaro, DT Floral & Décor

Marquee Letter Rentals

Unique Finishing Touches

“We love seeing clients get creative and bringing their personalized vision to light – literally! Whether it’s a couple-to-be with their initials up in lights, a classic LOVE marquee as the dance floor backdrop, or a company name showcased at a corporate event, letter lights are that wow factor statement piece and perfect finishing touch for any celebration.”

– Jamie Sampson, Moonrise Letter Lights

Ice Sculptures

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“Ice is a medium that allows for personalized expression – contemporary, ornate, functional, interactive or just simply, a stunning work of art. Crystal clear ice can be carved into memorable sculptures to suit any request – its why we love what we do! Ice can be designed in so many ways to be elegant and unique. It has a magical quality which adds an unforgettable presence to the decor of any event.”

– Heidi Bayley, Iceculture Inc.

Specialty Linens

Unique Finishing Touches

“Setting your table with a beautiful linen is essential to the look and feel you want to create in a room. Whether it’s cool and clean or warm and elegant – the linen is the base on which all other décor elements are based. An eye-catching tablecloth will heighten the atmosphere and make the experience more memorable. Whether you choose a solid colored linen or go bolder with a print – it’s all a representation of your personal esthetic. We truly believe in designing from the table up!”

– Sylvue Farkas, Around the Table

Bar Graphics

Unique Finishing Touches

“The bar is one of the most popular spots at a wedding! Our customized bars ensure guests have something fun to look at it instead of just a plain white plexi glass. In the above example, we included the bride and grooms initials and added blue colour and chrome gold finishes. Bar graphics add the perfect amount of bling to the overall bar setup, and can add a bit of a personal touch too!”

– Tony S, Designer Dance Floors

Photo Booths

Unique Finishing Touches

Photo Courtesy of Phototerra & Event Circle

Including photo booths at weddings and events has become increasingly popular over the last couple of years – and rightfully so! Photo booths add an extra bit of fun and entertainment for your guests and you’ll all walk away with some truly hilarious photos and fun memories.

Customized Figurines

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“I love creating customized cake toppers for all the unique couples and pets out there. No topper is ever alike. I would say that my sculptures have a kind of quirky Disney feel to them. They don’t necessarily have to go ON the cake – they can stand on their own next to some flowers or on a cake stand surrounded by candles, flowers, sweets, desserts or cupcakes. When the last piece of cake is eaten, and the band has packed away their instruments, your topper will be there as a perfect reminder of your special day!”

– Laurine Defrène, Laurine's Figurines