Over the past year, the COVID-19 global pandemic has changed the way that we have done things– and while you might be tired of thinking about it, it is still something that needs to be factored into your wedding plans. 

As you negotiate vendor contracts, be sure to keep COVID in mind and ask your wedding venue these important questions: 


  1. What is the venue’s policy on the postponement, and what are the associated fees?
  2. If we are unable to postpone the wedding, what is your cancelation policy?
  3. What is the deposit, and is it refundable?
  4. If we do need to reschedule, how far in advance do we need to do so?
  5. If we need to postpone our wedding until next year, will you have available dates?
  6. Do you offer any ceremony now & reception later packages?
  7. How many total guests can you accommodate at different levels of opening?
  8. How many guests will be permitted to sit at each table?
  9. Do you have reliable WiFi?
  10. Can we live stream our ceremony? Do you facilitate this, or do we need to hire our own vendor?
Wedding Venue

Photo Credit: Olive Photography

Safety Protocols:

  1. Are there mask requirements for employees and guests?
  2. What kind of cleaning and sanitation will be done prior to our event? 
  3. Can we set up hand sanitizing stations or mobile hand-washing stations?
  4. What screening measures are set up for staff?

Event Space:

  1. If the event space is indoors, what safety measures are in place?
  2. Can our entire event be held outside? 
  3. Are there restrictions on amplified music outside?
  4. Can we have a dance floor outdoors?
  5. Is it possible to set up a tent?
  6. Do you provide heaters and/or umbrellas for the outdoor spaces?
  7. If the event is outdoors, what is the restroom solution?
Wedding Venue

Photo Credit: AGI Studio

Food and Beverage:

  1. How will the food be served and/or presented?
  2. What additional measures are being taken in the kitchen to ensure food safety? 
  3. Can we still have a buffet or food stations? If so, what modifications will be available? 
  4. What kind of bartending service will you provide? Is table-side bar service an option?
  5. Are you still offering on-site tastings to help us choose the menu? 

It can be overwhelming to think about COVID all the time, especially when you’re planning your wedding. Our advice is to stay calm and start planning early. Don’t wait until the last minute to make changes or voice concerns with your wedding venue. Happy Planning!