As many couples are being forced to postpone their weddings, vendors in the special event industry – composed almost entirely of artists, solopreneurs, and small business owners – have been hit especially hard by the COVID-19 pandemic.

For most vendors, their main source of revenue is generated through the summer wedding season, meaning that many rely on just a few short months to support themselves and their families. With stay-at-home orders now stretching into May, special event vendors are looking at an increasingly shortened work season. To compound the issue further, many find themselves slipping through the cracks with respect to the recently announced federal and provincial subsidies. We know that many of you are eager to support local small businesses, so here are a few super simple ways that you can make a huge difference and help support one of the hardest working industries in the world!

Leave Online Reviews

Online reviews are so important to small businesses! If you or your friends have already gotten married, please take a few minutes (we’ve all got time now, right?) to show some love to your vendors so that they can all begin building relationships with future couples!

Head over to Google, Facebook, EventSource, etc. and consider endorsing your vendor team. Talk about why you chose them and how fantastic they were (or are) to work with. Pay them a visit on social media sites as well and engage in the comments to show some additional love.

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Be Flexible with Your Postponement

When working with your vendors on postponing, keep an open mind. Remember that many can only accommodate a certain number of weddings on any given date, so when nailing down your new date, try to have a few options in mind. This will also help you maintain your originally selected dream team for your future big day!

One factor to consider when deciding on a new date is that the further out you  book, the greater the likelihood that costs for goods and services will increase for your vendors. For example, the cost of florals, food, gas, and so forth are all likely to increase in 2021 relative to today. This means that by postponing too long, you may find that your costs increase as well.

Being flexible with your date will not only allow your vendors to weather these tough times, it will also help you save money in the long run.

Purchase Gift Cards

Whether for a future date or a gift for a loved one, purchasing gift cards provides vendors with much needed cash flow now so that they can provide you with their services at a future date!

What Can You Purchase Now?

While non-essential businesses have been forced to close their doors, some vendors such as planners and DJ’s are still able to offer remote or virtual services (we’ll have an article outlining cool new packages next week!). Many caterers are offering contactless gourmet delivery perfect for when you’re sick of your own cooking! Consider sprucing up your home (or Mom’s) with a bouquet or floral arrangement from your favourite wedding florist. How about a delicious and expertly crafted dessert from your wedding cake provider? The whole industry is willing and eager to help!

There you have it folks. Several ways that we can all show some love and support to hardworking small business owners at a time when they need it most. Thanks for your support!