While summer may be considered ‘wedding season’, engagement season is all year round. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, you may need to consider changing your proposal plans to somewhere a little closer to home. While some people will choose to postpone their plans until after quarantine, if your proposal is date dependent, or you simply don’t want to wait, you may need to get creative.

Here are the top four things to keep in mind when proposing at home:

Timing is Everything

While a spontaneous marriage proposal at home can be quite romantic, it’s important to consider the timing before popping the question. If your partner is in a bad mood, or if they have been feeling down, you may think that a proposal would cheer them up, but a proposal may in fact make things worse. Similarly, If you think your partner would want to look their best when you drop to one knee, don’t propose first thing in the morning when they are still in bed. Plan accordingly so that the timing feels perfect, not rushed and so that both you and your partner look and feel your best.

home proposal

Include Aspects of the Original Idea

Unfortunately, COVID-19 has thrown a wrench in a lot of plans. If this is you and you were originally planning on popping the question while you and your fiancé-to-be were celebrating your anniversary in Italy, consider incorporating this into your at home proposal. Include a nice Chianti, maybe order pizza from the fancy place and get ready for your perfect ‘Italian’ proposal.

Alternatively, if you were planning on proposing at a location that means a lot to your relationship – consider a drive by or a photo backdrop.

Set the Mood

Even if at home wasn’t your first choice for a proposal, it’s still important to set the mood. The right music can really set the tone for an amazing proposal. Whether it’s twinkle lights, fresh flowers, or candles, a little ambiance and music can turn your living room or patio into a romantic oasis. Also be sure that your home is clean before popping the question to your partner.

Plan an After Party

If you’re planning a low-key marriage proposal at home – it can be nice to celebrate your engagement with family members and friends, too. Whether virtually or a few months from now, plan to see your friends and family so you can celebrate with a toast to your future!