Your best friend is getting married – better yet, she asked you to be her Maid of Honour! One of your duties as MOH is to plan the bridal shower. Now, planning a party is relatively simple: budget; date; time; food; gifts. But there’s also a reason that people dread bridal showers, and that is because they are usually boring and awkward. Here are four no-fail tips for planning the best bridal shower for your bestie!

Pick an Awesome (yet achievable) Theme

Now we aren’t talking ‘superheroes’ or ‘90s’ (unless that is what your friend wants) – but there should be a general theme to your shower. This theme should be achievable and not over powering but should strive to tie everything together from your flower choices to your signature cocktail. For example: a Derby theme where everyone wears fascinators and drinks mimosas; a colourful and retro Palm Springs theme or even a boho-chic theme where your guests make their own floral crowns.

4 tips for planning a bridal shower to remember, 1

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Non-Cheesy Decorations

Do yourself a favour and do not spend money on a giant ring balloon that is going to get thrown out immediately after the party. Going with your theme, decided on some subtle decorations that tie everything together, aim to borrow or rent as much as you can so you don’t have a ton of waste. Consider a central decoration that can be used for photo back drops, like a floral wall or themed sign.

A Curated Guest List

While etiquette states that every woman coming to the wedding should be invited to the bridal shower, you don’t need to use this as law. Chat with the bride to see who she wants there and who should be invited. If there is someone she is unsure about, have her ask them directly if they wish to be included even if they might not know anyone. It is important to curate the guests list so you don’t end up with someone who is going to create drama for the bride on the day or someone she would rather not see.

Games That Don’t Suck

The paradox of bridal showers is that most guests dread playing the cheesy games, but they will also be bored if there aren’t any. So what can you do? The best way to handle the games situation is to choose a few activities that don’t require a lot of movement and aren’t boring. Maybe your guests make their own floral crown, or have each table participate in a contest to see how well they know the bride. As long as the games are a part of the day but not the main event – you’ll be good!