When you first start planning your wedding, it’s easy to get pulled into all things trendy as your peruse Pinterest. However, you don’t want to fall into the trap of having too much going on, leading your wedding to feel disjointed. Colour is a great way to add continuity to your wedding and plays into the overall ‘theme’ of your big day. So, how do you choose the perfect wedding colours?

Step 1- Don’t overthink it:

Early on, you will likely get asked ‘what are your colours?’ by friends and family– and you may feel pressured to choose and then stick with those colours. Fortunately, you don’t need to be married to the specific colours and you can choose a general palette and use this to inform other wedding decisions. Remember, not every part of your wedding has to match perfectly, instead, think of your wedding planning in terms of style, formality, texture and mood, and then pick a palette that makes you happy.

Step 2- Think about the season:

Just like the season will inform what you wear, it will also inform what colours you choose. Lighter pastels are perfect for spring while jewel tones will sparkle in the fall sun. That being said, don’t shy away from your favourite colour just because it’s not in season. You can also incorporate texture to make colours fit in more with the time of year.

perfect wedding colours

Photo Credit: Purple Tree Wedding Photography

Step 3- Let your personality shine:

If your home style is more minimal and muted, you likely won’t want to go with bright, bold colours for your wedding. Make sure that you choose a colour palette that reflects you as a couple, and that will make you feel at home on your wedding day.

Step 4- Do your research:

This is the fun part! Look to your friend’s weddings, magazines and of course Pinterest for inspiration when choosing your wedding colours. Consult the colour wheel and consider pairing opposite colours, or neighbouring colours with each other. A classic way to build a palette is to pair a bright, bold colour with neutrals– think dusty rose and gold.

Step 5- Consider your venue:

Since your venue is the biggest choice you’ll make when wedding planning, and you want to make sure your colours don’t overpower the aesthetic of your venue. For instance, if your venue is full of bright colours, choosing a more neutral palette for your florals and bridesmaids dresses is a great way to complement that.

perfect wedding colours
Photo Credit: Avanew Studios

At the end of the day, choosing your wedding colours is important because they will tie everything together. However, don’t let this decision stress you out or ruin the fun of wedding planning for you! Go with what makes you happy and that you will enjoy looking back on for years to come.