You shouldn’t need to be reminded that planning a wedding is stressful and as such, the weeks leading up to the big day can put couples a little more on edge than they would normally be. This is why it is important to think carefully before firing off a text asking them for something or expecting a speedy response. Here are some examples of questions you should never – ever – ask the couple right before the wedding.

1. Having any second thoughts? Even if you are kidding around, it’s probably best not to ask if they are already regretting getting married.

2. Are you worried if your dress/suit is going to fit? It should go without saying that you should never ask about someone’s weight… especially right before the wedding when it’s probably too late to make alterations.

3. Aren’t you worried about the weather? Guaranteed, they are. But that does not mean it’s your job to point it out. Chances are, they have thought about all possible outcomes and planned accordingly.

Before the WeddingPhoto Courtesy of Boakview Photography

4. Did you think about doing x this way? Trust us, no couple wants to hear your suggestions right before the wedding. Asking why the couple didn’t do things a certain way is rude and unnecessary since they won’t be able to change anything this close to the wedding.

5. Why didn’t I get an invite/ Why didn’t [this person] get an invite/ Can I bring a plus one? Guest lists are hard and chances are, the couple had to leave off some very important people from their list to make way for obligation invites and account for space – don’t be the person that makes things awkward.

6. Can I make a quick toast? … No. 

BONUS: Any question at all on the morning of the wedding: Do not text the bride or groom to ask for directions, what you should wear or really anything else the morning of the wedding. Trust us, they will not answer. 

There you go, the most important questions NOT to ask a bride or groom before their wedding. In general, if you have a question, it is better to ask someone else rather than the bride or groom directly – and if it is a ‘joke’ question, it’s probably best not to ask it at all.