After you and your spouse-to-be come down from the ‘OMG WE JUST GOT ENGAGED’ wave, it’s time to start thinking about your bridal party. While it’s all well and good to simply ask your friends to be a part of your wedding, it’s way more fun to give them something exciting while you do it! 

If you are planning to gift your bridesmaids’ boxes when you ask, or even the night before the wedding, there are a few key things you should include: 

Things they can eat (or drink!)…

1) Champagne:
Perhaps the best thing about weddings is that you are always in close proximity to bubbles. Gift your maids mini bottles of Moet, or a full bottle of your favorite bubbly and get excited!

2) Cookies or cake:
Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love custom sugar cookies or cupcakes? These are a great addition to your bridesmaids’ boxes and show that you went the extra mile thinking about your maids. 

3) Custom Macarons or other sweets:
Why stop at cake? Bust out the fancy sweets like macarons, or even custom chocolate. The world is your (chocolate) oyster when it comes to the number of tasty treats that can be customized for your bridesmaids’ boxes. 

Bridesmaid Boxes

Things they can wear…

4) Jewelry:
A great way to thank your maids is to gift them with a piece of jewelry they can wear on the day but also that they can keep for years to come. Not only will this tie your bridal together visually, every time they wear their new piece they will have happy memories of your wedding day. 

5) Robe:
Some of the best moments of your wedding day will happen while you’re getting ready. Gifting your maids’ robes that they can wear on the morning of will make for gorgeous photos and also give them something they can use again. 

6) Slippers:
If you’re getting married in a cooler month, you may want to think about gifting your maids’ slippers that they can wear the morning of to keep their toes warm while you sip mimosas. Go with poofy slides or full-on ugg boot and we promise your maids will thank you. 

Bridesmaid Boxes

Photo Credit: Olive Photography 

Things they can use…

7) Custom wine glass:
When it comes to your bridesmaids’ gift boxes, it’s a good idea to include things they can use again and again. If you are going the custom route, we suggest customizing with their name, rather than yours. This way, they have a great custom glass and will remember your wedding fondly every time they use it.  

8) Clutch:
Without a doubt, your maids will have things to carry around on your wedding day. So, make their jobs easy by gifting them a clutch that they can use on the day and for years after as well! 

9) Custom mug or tumbler: 
Make their morning cup of coffee that much more special with a custom mug or tumbler. They will always know which one is theirs and they will have a nice memory of you each time they use it.