Choosing what to wear to a rehearsal dinner is an important task that shouldn’t be forgotten. This event serves as the formal kick-off to the wedding festivities, where loved ones gather, and are possibly meeting for the first time. It will also be heavily photographed so it’s important to look good!

Before selecting your outfit, be aware of what type of event the rehearsal dinner is. Is it an elegant evening at a country club, or a more relaxed backyard BBQ situation? Next, what you wear will depend on your role at the wedding.

Find your role below to see what you should be wearing:

I am… The Bride:
As the centre of attention, what you wear to the rehearsal dinner is entirely up to you! However, now is the time to have a little fun with your outfit – a bold pop of colour, or maybe a stylish jumpsuit – something completely different than what you’ll be walking down the aisle in! While you may have kept your wedding dress a little more classic, now is the time to go trendy and bold.

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Whatever you choose, it is a good idea to opt for comfort. Now is not the time to break in those new stilettos! You want to be fresh for your wedding day so stick with flats or a block heel.

I am… The Groom:
As the groom, what you wear will be determined by the venue and style of the party. Whether it’s a fitted suit for the country club, or a casual button-down with jeans in a backyard. It is important to note that since there will be photos, now is not the time to break out the old concert tees!

I am… A Bridesmaid:
As for the bridal party, you actually have a job at the rehearsal dinner – to rehearse! Now is the time where you will be finding your place for the big day. We suggest wearing something neutral so that the planner can get a clear picture of what the actual wedding will look like. Now is your chance for the classic, timeless, little-black-dress. We also suggest wearing shoes similar to what you will be walking in on the day so you can address any issues in the venue space (think: stilettoes on grass)

I am… A Groomsman:
Similar to what we suggested for the groom, what you wear will be determined by the style of dinner. Make sure that you are dressed appropriately for the setting so that you aren’t standing out like a sore thumb in photos!

I am… The Mother of The Bride/Groom:
We suggest wearing something a little fancier than what you would wear as a guest, but similar to the bride, now is the time to have a little fun– maybe a bright colour, especially if you’re wearing black or navy on the day!

I am… A Guest:
As a guest of the rehearsal dinner, what you wear will be determined by the level of formality. For formal events, a cocktail dress or jacket and tie are safe bets, and for less formal events, a sundress or jeans and a dress shirt will suffice. Be aware that the ‘no white’ rule still applies here!

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