This past Sunday, we spent the afternoon touring the private grounds of The Albany Club, one of Canada’s oldest private clubs that has recently opened its doors for private events. Located near St. Lawrence Market, this beautiful historic venue was founded in 1882, and has counted amongst its membership almost every Conservative Prime Minister since Sir John A. Macdonald. If you missed this lovely wedding open house put on by The Albany Club in collaboration with The Wedding Planners Institute of Canada – we’ve got you covered! Tenuto Wedding Studios was there to capture all the rich details.

TenutoWeddingPhotography001 TenutoWeddingPhotography002 TenutoWeddingPhotography003

With gorgeous stained glass windows that each feature a provincial coat of arms, I’d have to say that my favourite indoor room is the main ballroom on the second level!

TenutoWeddingPhotography004 (2)Charger plates courtesy of Chair-man Mills

TenutoWeddingPhotography005 TenutoWeddingPhotography006TWSMenus beautifully designed by Ferris Wheel Press

TenutoWeddingPhotography007 TenutoWeddingPhotography008 TenutoWeddingPhotography009 TenutoWeddingPhotography0010 TWS1TWS2TWS3TWS4TenutoWeddingPhotography0011 TenutoWeddingPhotography0012 TenutoWeddingPhotography0013 TenutoWeddingPhotography0014

Ashton Creative and Designs by Dina paired up to dress each table. The table linens were perfectly offset by the elegant floral arrangements, very well suited to each richly appointed room. Love Lettering picked a cozy corner in the library to set up their lovely signage, reminding guests that calligraphy pairs beautifully with a historic wedding venue.

TenutoWeddingPhotography0015 TenutoWeddingPhotography0016 TenutoWeddingPhotography0017 (2)

Don’t these yummy treats from Dolcini by Joseph‘s sumptuous sweet table look delightful? I always say that a sweet table should be a feast for both the eye and the palette – just look at that macaron tower!

TenutoWeddingStudios0019 TenutoWeddingStudios0020 TenutoWeddingStudios0021 TenutoWeddingStudios0022 TenutoWeddingStudios0023 TenutoWeddingStudios0024

Several of Toronto’s finest wedding vendors, like officiant Sarah Bunnett-Gibson Wedding Officiant and Christine March of Imprint Weddings were onsite to assist couples with crafting the perfect wedding day.

TenutoWeddingStudios0025 TenutoWeddingStudios0026

Evolved Entertainment kept the atmosphere light, spinning fan favourites between sets from the super talented live music duo from Melodi Custom Live Music.

TenutoWeddingStudios0032 TenutoWeddingStudios0027 TenutoWeddingStudios0028 TenutoWeddingStudios0029 TenutoWeddingStudios0030 TenutoWeddingStudios0031

Our friends at Snapshot Photobooth had guests lining up to enjoy a funky photo to commemorate the day. I stopped in a few times myself!

TenutoWeddingStudios0033 TenutoWeddingStudios0034 TenutoWeddingStudios0035 TenutoWeddingStudios0036

Iceculture Inc. crafted a lovely branded ice luge specifically for the event. This is now my favourite way to enjoy prosecco :).

TenutoWeddingStudios0037 TenutoWeddingStudios0038

I thoroughly enjoyed this open house because each room held such history and beautiful works of art. We love a venue with a strong presence, and as I wandered through each space, I couldn’t help but feel the history. I imagine the elegant parties and nights of festivities that this space must have seen over the years. I would strongly encourage anyone who is searching for a unique and upscale venue in Toronto to check out this hidden gem. We had a wonderful time at the wedding open house and look forward to attending again next year!