Since 2016 is quickly coming to a close (we can’t believe how quickly the year has flown by!), we thought it would be a great time to round up some of the best wedding photographs from this year’s wedding season! To do this, we reached out to Toronto’s top wedding photographers and had them submit some of their favourite 2016 shots – the results are STUNNING! We were overwhelmed by the number of gorgeous photos we received, so we’ve split this article into two parts. Stay tuned for part two coming next week!

AGI Studio

best of toronto photography parti, 1

Knox College in U of T is always one of our most favorite photo locations on wedding day or pre-wedding shooting day. We love the stream of lights that comes through the vintage windows. Considering the mysterious and magnificent environment, we decided to create a magic mood to merge the couple perfectly with the background.”

John, AGI Studio

Brandon Scott Photography

best of toronto photography parti, 6

“Mitch & Michaela traveled to Iceland to renew their vows on their 9th anniversary. We hiked up to the top of Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon in the south of Iceland. Away from people and other distractions, we got to capture their love in one of the most breath taking locations!”

Brandon, Brandon Scott Photography


best of toronto photography parti, 7

“After the formalities of their afternoon wedding reception at the Kortright Eventspace had concluded, Michelle and Jason struck out on a hike through the woods and fields of the conservation area. Though we were approaching the end of our second hour of photos, when I asked them now to climb a hill (‘lets do one last shot. It’ll be worth it!’ I said,) Michelle and Jason were game. As they reached the top of the hill, in one of those candid moments every photographer hopes to catch, Jason picks a flower and offers it to his bride. It was worth it.”

Alex, Ikonica Images

Hugh Whitaker Photography

best of toronto photography parti, 8

“One of the things that I love about my job is being invited to shoot in areas that you’ve never been too before. The light and landscape is different and it challenges you to come up with new ideas. Shooting in a very flat dessert area was one of these moments. It looked so epic but it was hard to convey the feel of the place. I loved the way the dirt roads tailed off into the distance but I needed to get higher to convey this and the only thing higher was the rental car roof! I also love leaving couples to be themselves for a couple of moments, it invariably ends up with these intimate moments that look so natural and unposed. The added bonus of this image for me is that tiny bit of breeze flowing through her veil. It really gives a sense of place and quietness.”

Hugh, Hugh Whitaker

HRM Photography

best of toronto photography parti, 9

“We had planned on sneaking this newly married couple out of their reception to capture the setting sun, but speeches ran later than expected so we rolled with it and lit up the night sky instead. I love the framing in this image with the glowing rain drops surrounding the bride and groom.”

Lindsay, HRM Photography

Ten·2·Ten Photography

Elora Gorge engagement photos by Toronto wedding photographers Ten·2·Ten Photography

“One of the best things that a client can do to help create amazing images is to have trust in their photographer; and that’s exactly the magic ingredient that was needed in order to create this image. We wanted to do something amazing with this session and when I suggested an adventure into a gorge, I was thrilled when the clients were up for it! Making memorable photos means thinking outside the box, trusting your photographer, and choosing a photographer with whom you share common vision and goals.”

Erika, Ten2Ten Photography

Marianne Rothbauer

best of toronto photography parti, 10

“A wedding can be an emotional and sometimes stressful event for many couples. Over the past few years I started a little tradition with my brides and grooms by getting them to dance and twirl (sometimes until they are dizzy). I find this allows them to be in the moment, to let go, and they forget they are in front of the camera. It not only shifts their focus, but it also creates a wonderful memory and produces true candid images.

For me, capturing a moment that combines movement and a beautiful backdrop, creates the perfect image that I know they will cherish for many years to come.”

Marianne, Marianne Rothbauer Photography

Toronto Wedding Studios

best of toronto photography parti, 11

“Kim and Hector taking a moment together before heading back to the cottage. They had just dipped their feet in the lake on their property – the best way to end the wedding day if you ask me. :)”

Rudo, Toronto Wedding Studios

A Brit & A Blonde

Best of Toronto Photography

“A good photograph captures a great moment – whether a big, little, or once in a lifetime moment. A great photograph captures a feeling. We adore this image since you immediately get a sense of what it must have felt like to be the bride walking towards all her friends, family, and her groom. Also, what it felt like to be one of the guests welcoming the beautiful bride moments before her ‘I do’s’. It transports you to that moment and whether you were there or not gives you all the feels. This is also why we love that we are 2 photographers – so that one of us can take a risk to get an interesting angle on an amazing moment.”

Jessica, A Brit & A Blonde

Lisa Mark Photography

Best of Toronto Photography

“This photograph is from James & Amanda’s beautiful Casa Loma wedding this summer. I had photographed Casa Loma weddings several times over the years, but had never come across the bridal suite that was hidden upstairs. I walked into the back room and instantly fell in love with the triple mirror. Casa Loma is such a classic venue that I wanted to pose James & Amanda in almost a painterly way. They are classically posed, and I felt that black and white was the best way to enhance the drama of this portrait. My favourite part of this photograph is the fact that my camera doesn’t face the couple directly at all. Each time you can see James & Amanda in this image, it’s always a reflection.”

Lisa, Lisa Mark Photography

Nikki Mills Photography

Best of Toronto Photography

“Jessica and Dominic were the vision of elegance. Sometimes everything comes together with a bride and groom; the dress, the setting, even the wind was working for us that day! I love photos that are romantic and effortless, something as simple as walking down the stairs together is beautiful.”

Nikki, Nikki Mills

Eyecontact Photography

Best of Toronto Photography

“It’s important for everyone to have fun on their wedding day, but I really like to capture tender moments between couples. The wedding day is a time where couples are their most vulnerable and most beautiful and I feel privileged to be a part of that.”

Taralea, eyecontact photography