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August 2019

I've been to Casa Loma a couple of times already and each visit had always been an enjoyable and memorable experience. I really enjoyed learning about the architecture, its history, and how the castle was preserved over the years. Two cons from me are that there is no air conditioning inside the castle so I highly recommend you to avoid coming here on 30+ summer days. Recently, parking was also a hassle for me because the parking lots were full so I had to park on the side of the street.

Mike Stolarchuk

August 2019

Amazing place to see, so much history and a look into the rich life of the past, the audio tour is great and quite entertaining, there are many hidden surprises throughout the entire property, I enjoyed how many floors up the building went, you can even walk around the attic to the top of each tower and the basement has a cool tunnel that goes under the neighborhood to the castle stables down the street. There is light AC in the building so it's not intolerable on hot days but still gets a bit toasty in places as it doesn't completely cover every part of the building. I highly recommend this place

JR Bélanger

August 2019

We enjoyed our tour of Casa Loma.It has been beautifully restored trough-out the years.I exceptionally liked the hidden building models under the stairwell leading to the 3rd floor. I dont think this part of the actual exposition, but really appreciated seeing these high quality scaled models of Toronto landmarks.The staff should probably dust these off and place these in a show room. ;)

Dan Durig

August 2019

I loved this. It is interesting to see a comparison against other houses in a similar time period and varying economic status. I missed what happened to the house between when the family moved out and now other than a hotel. The audio tour is needed and free but be sure to find the pool or theater to get the history for the family that built it first. There are lots of steps, no accomidation for strollers, no AC in most rooms (go early and it is cool enough), and the tunnel to stables and garage are very long. I enjoyed the audio tour but wish there was an actual guided tour because even with the audio tour you tend to miss a lot.Parking was $15 and the lot filled early. Entry was not cheap and there were not any passes for in and out. The open tower had a long line and I never made it to the top of it. Hidden passageways were very neat and the details were amazing throughout the house.I would go back and visit again to see what I missed and revisit things I may not have caught the first time around. There appeared to be food options inside but I did not try any as we had eaten before we left. You will spend 2-3hrs depending on your tolerance for the walking and climbing.

Jimmy Shah

July 2019

I really enjoy Casa Loma. It was quite nice to find out some of the history behind it as well as the man who built it. Finding out all he did for Toronto was amazing to me. I would definitely recommend going on a bit of a cooler day rather than in the Dead Heat of summer as a lot of the old building is not air conditioned so you will definitely feel the heat but it is worth it. The staff was mostly helpful. Most were nice and pleasant. Definitely take the electronic tour guide it's a definite bonus. Parking down the hill at George Brown campus will give you a nice walk to the castle and save you $5.

Candice Sand Live

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My bands and I have performed here for weddings and corporate events. It's such a beautiful space (inside and out) with some many beautiful rooms to choose from. We've always enjoyed our time here and the food is delicious!

The DNA Project

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We just can't say enough good things about this top-notch venue.

Absolutely stunning, with amazing service!

Tracey M Events

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Casa Loma truly holds up to the magic. Julie was such a delight to work with from start to finish. I look forward to working with this incredible team of wedding pros soon!

Tracey Manailescu of Tracey M Events

Bash Panache

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I recently had the pleasure of providing elegant lounge furniture and other accents from my rental collection for a wedding at the beautiful Casa Loma. What a lovely choice for such a special day with gardens that are stunning, well manicured and cared for. Great attention to detail and wonderful service was evident in their event planning department.
I highly recommend Casa Loma and their team as a location for your special event.

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