Kexin and Long’s wedding is truly a romantic and elegant event incorporating stunning city views with soft pastel flowers and old fashioned grandeur. From a gorgeous ceremony at Casa Loma, to a stunning reception at the Shangri-La Hotel, Toronto, this couple’s big day is definitely an affair to remember. Thankfully 5ive15ifteen Photo Company was on hand to capture every gorgeous moment beautifully coordinated by Rebecca Chan Events.

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Nothing says grandeur quite like sparkly Manolo Blahnik and diamonds!

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The indoor ceremony is the definition of delicate refinement and was beautifully punctuated by an exquisite floral archway.

5ive15ifteen-Li_035 5ive15ifteen-Li_036 5ive15ifteen-Li_045 5ive15ifteen-Li_046 Wedding at Shangri-La Hotel, Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, 515 Photo Co., 7

The newlyweds’ reception was a timeless and glamorous celebration. The pretty-in-pink colour palette — reflected in the charming carpet, the lovely flowers from Fete Floral & Events, and the sumptuous cakes — along with the dazzling chandeliers, contrasted beautifully with the floor to ceiling windows into the ballroom and emanated opulence.

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The couple also share a romantic moment at the Berkeley Church.