One of the best parts of wedding planning is deciding what to eat on the day – especially if you and your partner are foodies! You will want a menu that reflects your culinary tastes, tastes great, and doesn’t take forever to serve.

Here are some things to consider when crafting your wedding menu:

Serving Style

Depending on how formal you want your wedding to be will inform how your dinner is served as well. There are many different options, from sit down a la carte, buffet and family style. How your guests are seated will play a role in determining how your meal is served as well. Speak with your caterer or venue to determine the best way to serve the meal.

How Many People are Coming?

When deciding on your menu, make sure you choose dishes that won’t spoil easily, or are nearly impossible to make for 200+ people. For instance, you might want to save the soufflé for weekend date night and stick to a treat table for your dessert! Another thing to consider is serving something that will appeal to a large number of people. We’re not saying be boring but be sure to have options for your less adventurous guests!

Crafting Your Wedding Menu

Photo Courtesy of elle cuisine

Apps, Mains, and Desserts – Oh My

The fun part is deciding what you will serve your guests. Larger venues will often have a set menu for weddings but if you are at a smaller venue, or hiring your own caterer, you can tailor your meal to be exactly as you want it. Does this mean passed hors d’oeuvres from places you’ve traveled? Go for it! How about your childhood favourites for your late-night table? Sounds awesome. Work with your caterer to create a menu that reflects the theme of your wedding and your style as a couple.

Dietary Restrictions

Before booking your caterer or venue, make sure to ask about how they handle dietary restrictions. Nothing ruins a party more that someone going in to anaphylactic shock, a guest getting sick because they ate the wrong thing, or worse, a guest not being able to eat. Be sure to ask your guests a head of time if they have any dietary restrictions and be sure to communicate these to your venue.

Seasonal Produce

One of the joys of living in Canada is that we have diverse seasons, which means that your wedding menu can be tailored to the season in which you get hitched! Employ seasonal produce to add flavour and colour to your meal. Bonus, many venues pride themselves on working closely with local farmers to make sure their food is fresh and helps support local!


When crafting your menu, be sure to consider what type of alcohol you will be serving as well. Having drinks that pair well with your meal is key to ensuring your guests have a memorable meal before dancing the night away! Ask your venue to suggest season signature cocktails that can be served between the ceremony and reception.

Crafting your wedding menu can be stressful – so seek expert advice! Your caterer will be more than happy to suggest dishes or sides for your meal. They’ve done this before so trust their expertise!