The bride might be the centre of attention at her bridal shower, but that doesn’t mean you can’t return the favour to your very generous guests and bridal party. While bridal shower favours aren’t a must, offering DIY bridal shower favours are the perfect parting gifts that show your family and friends just how much you appreciate their love and support for you and your big day. Creating and crafting them yourself gives them that extra personal touch that really leaves your guests feeling special. Not particularly crafty? Don’t worry, DIY bridal shower favours don’t have to be particularly tricky. Lean into your natural talents. No matter what – your guests will appreciate the time and effort you put into your creations.

Stuck on ideas? Here’s what to shower your guests with these DIY bridal shower favours. 

Make your own spa boxes 

Everyone loves a little self-care spa day at home, right? Fill mini boxes with spa goodies, like bath bombs, tea lights, bath salts, mani-pedi sets, and nail polish. 

DIY Bridal Shower Favours Your Guests Will Love!

Bake your favourite treat

Do you have a talent for baking? Or maybe you just have a sweet tooth. Whichever the case, indulge your inner pastry chef and whip up batches of your favourite baked goods. You might even want to create a few different cookies or cupcakes — and both — and tuck them into decorative boxes for your guests to enjoy at home.

DIY Bridal Shower Favours Your Guests Will Love!

DIY sweets bag

Speaking of sweets, if baking isn’t your thing (no judgment), you can customize cute sweet bags with a variety of different chocolates, candies, mints, and more. 

Tea for two 

If your bridal shower happened to be an elegant tea party, too, keep the tea brewing with little keepsakes. Fill personalized teacups or mugs with a few bags of your favourite tea along with sugar cubes and a cute spoon.

DIY Bridal Shower Favours Your Guests Will Love!

Coffee time 

Is coffee more your style when it comes to how you like your caffeine fix? Fill fun paper bags of your favourite coffee beans along with a recipe on how to make the perfect French Roast. You might even want to attach a yummy biscotti or two as well for an extra flare of sweetness! 

Hair ties style

Scrunchies are having a comeback, and who doesn’t need another hair tie (especially when they always seem to go missing whenever you need one). Provide your guests with wedding-themed hair ties (if you have a colour palette, you might want to match that) along with a sweet “how to” on how to do the best “updo” or messy high bun. If you’re super crafty and ambitious, you might even make your own scrunchies. 

Make it soapy

Making your own soap is a surprisingly easy thing you can do at home. Find a recipe that works for you, and have fun creating your own scent that perfectly reflects you and your groom. You might even want to include a sticker with your wedding date as well as the scent to be placed on top. 

DIY Bridal Shower Favours Your Guests Will Love!

Chic candles

For those who don’t mind getting more than a little crafty, creating your own candles is another creative and personal twist on a DIY favour. There are plenty of “how to’s” online on how to make your own candles, along with personalized scents, or you can also scoop up a DIY Candle Making set. For those who want to keep things simple, you can create your own candle by placing tea lights into mason jars and filling them with colored stones and crystals. 

Wildflower seed packets

Do you have a green thumb? Gift your guests personalized seed packets of your favourite wildflowers or vegetables. You might even want to include some fresh herbs from your garden too as a little extra treat. 

DIY Bridal Shower Favours Your Guests Will Love!

Custom hand sanitizers

Lastly, in the era of COVID-19, nothing says “I care about you” more than a personalized hand sanitizer that, yes, you can make yourself! Put a cute sticker on the bottle, and you have yourself a very “handy” bridal shower favour!