It’s that time of year again – ‘Tis the season… to get engaged! Between the beautiful decorations, quality time with loved ones, and cold weather that is perfect for cuddling, it is hardly a surprise that the holidays are prime proposing season.

Do you plan to propose to the person you love this holiday season? If so, we’re here to give you a few tips to make sure you pop the question in the magical way!


Set The Scene. Decorations are a big part of the holiday season, from gorgeous vibrant hues to twinkling Christmas lights, be sure to make use of the beautiful settings at your disposal to make your proposal a memorable, beautiful one.

Plan A Celebration. The proposal doesn’t end after he or she says “yes.” A new engagement will bring up feelings of excitement and happy energy, so make sure you both have a chance to celebrate. Plan something special so that you two can enjoy the start of this new chapter in your relationship.

Of course, what we mean by “celebration” is completely up to you. If your partner is a social butterfly, plan a surprise party with all your closest friends. If he or she is more introverted, a candlelit dinner for the two of you might be the all the celebration you need.

Remember Your Relationship. Asking someone to marry you marks a new phase in your relationship. Why not take some time to reflect on the time you both have spent together?

Propose in a place that is significant to you both – maybe the place you met, or your favorite place to go together. This will make your proposal even more personal and memorable.

ProposingPhoto Courtesy of Lisa Mark Photography


Propose in Front of People. The holidays are a time when families get together which means that the chance to propose in front of family and friends is right there in front of you. However, this is a risky move if you are not absolutely certain that your special someone will say yes.

Even proposing in front of just your closest family can lead to an uncomfortable situation. It puts undue pressure on you both, and makes things quite awkward if you don’t get the reaction you had envisioned. Instead, we suggest proposing when it’s just the two of you, and then celebrating with everyone later on.

Get Too Cheesy (Unless She Likes That). We’ve all seen the cliche wedding proposals in the movies and on TV. We’ve seen the ring hidden in the champagne flute and baked into a cake. We’ve seen flash mobs and nesting-doll style boxes that contain the ring. But while they look lovely on TV, that is just the problem with cliche proposals: we’ve seen them all before.

When you propose to the person you love, you don’t need to make it a cheesy spectacle. Something simple and from the heart will do just fine. Of course, if your person tells you that he or she wants the spectacle, be sure to go for it – and do it with confidence!

ProposingPhoto Courtesy of Rhythm Photography

Happy holidays from all of us at EventSource!