Planning a wedding can take over your life, especially as the date draws nearer. If you, like many other couples, were in the home stretch before COVID-19 hit, and your wedding has been postponed, you are likely feeling a lot of different emotions right now. When the pandemic first arrived, you were likely kept busy trying to rearrange all your vendors, guests and everything else to do with the day of. Now that you’ve had time to slow down you are likely feeling a lot of different emotions, like anger, and grief. What you’re feeling is normal, and completely valid – but this isn’t the end!

1. Anger

Especially if your big day was close, you may be feeling a lot of anger right now but not be sure where to put it. That’s okay, we get it, it sucks. It is completely normal to feel frustrated and let down that all your hard work was seemingly for nothing. Not to worry, you will get a chance to walk down the aisle and when you do, it will be extra special!

How to deal: Let it out! Scream, yell, punch, kick (pillows) and whatever else you need to do to let off your frustration. Sit in your car and blast your favourite metal song; or go for a long run.

sad because your Wedding Has Been Postponed

2. Grief

You may feel silly for feeling sad if your wedding got postponed. In fact, some well-meaning friends and family may have tried to pull the ‘it’s just one day’ line on you. In reality, you have spent months, possibly years, planning your wedding, allowing yourself to get excited, only to have your carefully laid plans discarded. So, don’t feel silly for grieving your wedding, take time to feel whatever emotions you may be feeling.

How to deal: Grieve. Have a good ugly cry and tell your partner how you’re feeling. We suggest having a toast (and some cake) on what would have been your wedding day to mark the occasion.

3. Fear/Uncertainty

These are uncertain times, and you may be feeling scared about the future and what this pandemic will mean for your wedding moving forward. You may be worried that you will never get to have a wedding, or be worried about finances if your job is up in the air. You are not alone.

How to deal: Talk with your partner about your fears. If you are worried about finances, see if you can push your date a little further to have more time to save. If the overwhelm is taking over your life, consider a virtual consult with a therapist who can suggest useful coping mechanisms.

Moving forward to the post COVID-19 world is something that we are all going to figure out together. Take time now to appreciate your friends and family and if you have time off right now, enjoy it as much as you can. Make sure that you have someone to talk to about your feelings if your wedding has been postponed so you can come out the other side ready to walk down the aisle!