As if making your guest list wasn’t difficult enough, there are some people that are ‘must invites’ even if you want them nowhere near your wedding. Unfortunately, not inviting these individuals can end up causing more harm than good and the last thing you want your wedding to do is cause irreparable harm to your relationships or family. Here are four people you can’t leave off your guest list no matter how much you want to – and how to handle them.

Your Mom’s Weird Brother

Family trumps all, especially at weddings. Even if your uncle, or other family members, are a little ‘off’ they are still family. Even if your relationship is a little strained, you should always put them on the guest list. Chances are, if the relationship isn’t great, they may not come, but extending the invite keeps you in the good books and puts the onus on them.

How to handle it: If your parents have insisted that this person come, you can put them in charge of keeping a handle on their antics.

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Your Long Lost Cousin

Your mom insists that the two of you were inseparable as kids but honestly, you can’t really remember what she even looks like – but she’s family so she makes the cut. When it comes to first cousins, the general rule of thumb is all or nothing, even if you don’t want to invite them to your wedding.

How to handle it: If you think she’d get along with people her age, sit her with your friends, if not, include her with the family table. 

Bridesmaid’s New Squeeze

Generally, your bridesmaids should get a plus one. Even if they’ve only been dating for a hot minute. Why? Your maids have dedicated hours to your wedding (for free) so it’s only fair that they get to party with the person they are dating.

How to handle it: Luckily, you don’t really need to worry about too much interaction on the day. Seat them at the plus-one table, or if your bridal party really wants to sit with their plus-ones, consider a sweetheart table for just you and your boo.

That Friend That Hits on Everyone

Every group has that one friend that has been around since college or even high school, and that no one can remember why they are friends with. But, if the rest of the group is getting an invite – he/she needs one too, especially if they’re close with your partner.

How to handle it: Hopefully, this person is relatively harmless so you can seat them at the singles table and call it a day. You might want to warn your friends ahead of time so they know what to expect, or suggest they bring a date to keep them in check.

While your wedding is ultimately your day, there are some people you simply can’t leave off your guest list. Unless the individual has done something unforgivable, it is often easier to invite them than to leave them off and cause a rift in your family or friend group.