Is it ever okay to uninvite someone from your wedding? Let’s be honest, this is a cringe-worthy question and you may be sweating even thinking about having that conversation with one of your guests. But here’s the thing: relationships can change and you my end up have a falling out with friends or family. It’s rare, but every once in a while a couple might feel the urge to uninvite someone they’ve already asked to the wedding.

Ultimately, unless this person has committed a crime, uninviting a wedding guest who’s already received an invitation is, as Aunt Betty would say, ‘in poor taste’. In the same way that wedding invitations are non-transferable, a wedding invitation isn’t something you can rescind on a whim. That being said, there are some times where the situation is unavoidable. If you do find yourself having to uninvite a guest, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Don’t Get Overzealous with the Guest List

Trust us, it’s infinitely easier to add people to your guest list than to take people off. Consider budget restrictions and venue capacity when creating your guest list so that you don’t end up over inviting and having to have an awkward conversation later. To ensure that you don’t over invite, create an A list and a B list of guests.


Consider all Angles

While your current situation with the person you are considering uninviting may suck – uninviting them to your wedding may in fact make it worse. If you are questioning someone’s invite, it might be worth simply dealing with their attendance at your wedding in order to be able to mend your relationship at a later date. So, if you are considering uninviting a guest, do yourself a favour, have a long discussion with your partner and then sleep on it.

Do it Directly

Cue the sweaty palms – while confrontation may be your worst nightmare, in these situations it is best to have a mature conversation about what’s going on and take necessary steps towards a resolution. Whatever the circumstances, pick up the phone and have an open and honest talk about what you’re both feeling and how to proceed. If the situation is inflamed enough, it’s possible the person in question might change their mind and decide not to attend the wedding.

It’s never an ideal situation to have to uninvite someone from your wedding, but if having this person there is going to ruin your wedding day then it may be a necessary step to ensuring that your hard work pays off.