If you’re a sucker for a good love story, then Kimberly and Jonathan’s journey will surely get you in the feels. The couple first met in grade 4 and discovered they liked each other in grade 8, only to reconnect 12 years later at a friend’s goodbye party. Soon, they started hanging out with the same group of friends from their elementary school days, which eventually led to their first date at a Bruno Mars concert, and the rest, as they say, is history. Jonathan later proposed in the same elementary class in which they met, and if that wasn’t romantic enough, their grade 8 home room teacher was there too. Here, we present the couple’s beautiful wedding at the Bayview Golf & Country Club, which encompasses their beautiful fairy tale. Captured by the talented Rhythm Photography, you’ll definitely fall in love with these dreamy images.

The couple’s magical first look was picture perfect amidst the bright blue sky and gorgeous greenery.

Bayview GolfBayview Golf

With scattered rose petals, whimsical string lights, and an organic altar that added a sense of spring-like freshness, the couple’s tented ceremony emanated intimacy and romance.

Bayview Golf
Bayview Golf Bayview Golf

The couple’s theme for their reception was “modern garden,” which, according to the bride herself, incorporated various soft pastel and complementary colours, mainly blush tones of pink, purple and soft blues to give it a unique look and feel. Instead of a traditional garden theme where we usually see just one colour and lots of lush greenery, the couple wanted to use an array of colours – just like what a real garden would look like. To give it that modern feel, the couple added simple yet elegant geometric shapes and visuals to complete their vision. The result? A gorgeous oasis with pops of metallics and heavenly plants and blooms provided by Creations by Gitta. Guests let loose with the tunes delivered by DJs Ken & Michael Saint, and later feasted on a delicious cake by The Art of Being Sweet before transitioning into traditional Chinese wedding attire.

Bayview GolfBayview GolfBayview GolfBayview Golf
Bayview GolfBayview Golf Bayview Golf
Bayview Golf