Planning a wedding is hard – planning a wedding when you are in a long distance relationship is even harder! Unfortunately, it is a reality that a lot of couples are facing right now as we head into week 589 of the COVID-19 quarantine! While it may seem like an exercise in futility to be planning a wedding during all this uncertainty, it may also help give you some sanity and feel closer to your fiancé if you find yourselves apart.

It’s good to note that these tips apply to any long distance planning and extend beyond quarantine times.

Whatever the reason for your distance, here are some tips to keep your planning on track and bring you closer as a couple.

Talk About Budget First

If you are just starting to plan, be sure to have this discussion immediately and without judgement. This way, you both go into planning with the same expectations for how the wedding will come together.

Dream Together

It is always a good idea to have visual examples of what you like. As a way of feeling connected even while you are apart, start a dedicated Pinterest board for just the two of you. This way, you can see how your unique visions will come together for the big day.

Long Distance Wedding Planning

Dedicate Time to Wedding Planning

Depending on where you are in the planning process, the frequency at which you do this will vary. The father away your date is, the less time you have to sit down and put in work. It is important though to schedule time to discuss wedding plans with your partner. This way, you don’t procrastinate and you can decide which tasks you are going to cross off your list that day.

Google Drive Will Save Your Life

The key to long distance wedding planning is staying organized. Create a google drive document to share between anyone with wedding tasks and keep it up to date with tasks, due dates and notes.

Put Your Bridal Party to Work

If you happen to be in a different city than where your wedding is being held, or than your spouse, but your MOH is in the right place… put her to work!

Get Your Ducks in a Row Early

If one of you is coming from a different country and there are immigration logistics to figure out, be sure to compile all necessary documents well in advance. Similarly, if this is a second marriage, be sure to have a copy of your divorce certificate so that you can apply for the marriage licence without much difficulty.

Have Wedding-Free Dates

Schedule virtual date nights to spend time together and promise to leave all wedding related plans at the door for the duration of the date. Use this time to connect and remember why you’re getting married in the first place.

Long distance planning can be tough, especially during quarantine – but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done! The important thing is to remember what the end goal is and to work towards it together. Happy Planning!