The Love by Lynzie Events + Design Pop-Up Chapel Co. strikes again – this time, on Valentine’s Day at the The Globe and Mail Centre! What could be sweeter than getting married on the most romantic day of the year with our gorgeous city skyline in the background? We’ll wait.

With a handful of top tier vendors in their corner, the LBL team is always prepared to go above and beyond to ensure a memorable experience for all of the couples and their closest friends and family – and this chapel was no exception. Scroll down for all of the gorgeous details!

Pop-Up Chapel Pop-Up Chapel Pop-Up Chapel Pop-Up Chapel Pop-Up Chapel Pop-Up Chapel Pop-Up Chapel
Pop-Up Chapel

All above photography courtesy of Alicia Thurston Photography

If you’re not familiar with the Pop-Up Chapel, allow us to fill you in. The idea came to LBL’ s Lynzie Kent as she noticed an empty space in the industry – couple’s were either choosing an elaborate, expensive wedding, or eloping to city hall. There was no in between; no inclusive and affordable option that gave couples the beauty of a traditional wedding but at a more affordable rate.

As millennials have completely embraced the sharing economy, I felt that this concept could be applied to the wedding industry and that we could create something that functioned like Uber or AirBnB but for weddings. The Pop-Up Chapel Co. is my answer to that. Millennials and Gen-Z seem to increasingly be interested in saving for a house, saving to travel the world, or working toward career goals. These are the kind of couples we're seeing opt to get married in our chapel. The chapel is providing an inclusive space for literally anyone and everyone!

Lynzie KentEvent Planner and Designer
Love by Lynzie

Additionally, the chapel concept also helps produce greener, cleaner events since all the event elements are used by 10 couples rather than just one – how cool is that?!

For a reasonable flat-rate LBL’s pop-up chapel offers all the features of a fully planned, professionally decorated, intimate wedding. Bonus, a portion of the proceeds goes to a local charity, with this chapel raising money for United Way. Your job? Show up! It’s the perfect way to celebrate your big day with your nearest and dearest – all in a stunning celebration brought to you by some of the city’s top vendors! Couples save money and avoid the stress that comes with planning a traditional wedding! Scroll down to meet last week’s couples!

Torri and Fasil

Pop-Up Chapel Pop-Up Chapel Pop-Up Chapel Pop-Up Chapel

Photos Courtesy of Lindsie Grey

From the Couple: We met in Toronto in 2015 at Caribana Festival. We ran into each other over the weekend 3 times in random places and decided to exchange contact info. It just so happened that we both lived in the Washington DC area. We started dating and from there the rest was history. We had started planning a wedding with a wedding planner and the wedding planner disappeared. I decided after that that I did not want to deal with planning anymore and the pop-up chapel seemed perfect!

Stefanie and Mathew

Pop-Up Chapel
Pop-Up Chapel

Photos Courtesy of Lindsie Grey

From the Couple: We really liked the idea of a keeping things small, but having all of the perks of a “full wedding”, especially professional photographs of our day. There was a mixed reaction from family, once they were able to see some examples of the chapels and how beautiful things are they were very supportive. We don’t have any specific plans for the money we saved, just happy to have done something fun with family and close friends without going into debt.

Britney and Massimiliano

Pop-Up Chapel Pop-Up Chapel Pop-Up Chapel

Photos Courtesy of Alicia Thurston Photography

From the Couple: We were drawn to the pop-up chapel because we loved the idea of small and intimate – no planning, everything is ready to go! Our friends and family were thrilled when we told them! As long as we are happy is all that matters. They loved the pop-up chapel idea, because it truly is fantastic!! We plan to travel with the money we saved, extend our honeymoon a little bit. We plan on spending more quality time together travelling to places we have always wanted to visit together making memories.

Marie and Colin

Photos Courtesy of Wade Muir Photography

From the Couple: As we started our wedding planning search, we came across the pop-up chapel. Both of us were excited about the concept. We loved the fact that part of the proceeds go to a charity for a good cause, and we had very little planning to do. We both like surprises and were impressed with the unique design and décor in each event that were shown on Instagram. When our friends and family heard about the pop-up chapel, they were a little confused. Once it was explained to them, they were intrigued and excited about the idea. We plan to use the money we saved for our honeymoon.

Josephina and Kenneth

Pop-Up Chapel

Photos Courtesy of Lindsie Grey

From the Couple: My brother attended one of the pop-up chapel weddings and informed me when I told him my budget. The initial reaction from our friends and family was, “why?” We simply said “for the money and low stress.” Why would I want to invite people or family I have not seen or communicated with in 10 years and expect their financial gift to pay for the wedding? If the denomination is even there… I don’t like the odds! We are going to save for a house and pay real bills with the money we saved!