Now a days we are seeing more and more people waiting to get married until a little later. In fact, word on the street is that the median age of a first marriage is at its highest point ever: 28 years for women and 30 years for men. While you may feel the clock ticking as you approach the big 3-0, we want to take a look at the benefits and perks of getting married in your 30s.

You know who you are

As we move through our twenties, we gain a lot of sense of self. In fact, a lot people say that they grew the most between the ages of 22 and 27. You could be a whole different person after 30 than you were in your twenties. This also means that you are more aware of what you want out of a relationship and what you want your marriage to look like.

Married in Your 30s

You’re likely financially stable

By the time you’re in your late twenties to early thirties, you have likely been living on your own for a while. You may even own your house. Either way, you are aware of how to manage your finances and have a realistic sense of what life costs. Finding a partner in a similar situation will allow you to collaborate about finances moving forward. You are also less likely to have to take on your partners debt than if you were to partner up early twenties and fresh out of school.

You have more experience

Chances are, by 30, you’ve been in a serious relationship before that didn’t work out. This gives you information on what you are willing to accept in a relationship as well as what you need to work on personally in order for a relationship to work.

You can ‘test-drive’ the relationship

Today, it is more common for couples to live together before marriage than it ever was. As more and more people wait until later for marriage, you are able to see if you and your partner work well together in a living situation. Having been on your own for a few years will give you a better sense of how you want to structure your life than if you go straight from your parent’s house to married and living with your new spouse.

While the formula used to be marriage first and figure the rest out later – it seems that marriage is becoming the final step in putting your life together. This has contributed to the diminishing rate of divorce and means that more than ever, people are marrying for love.