When you wake up the morning of your wedding, you will be full of excitement – and with good reason! You’re getting married today – wahoo! But before you jump into your dress, be sure to take some time to slow down. Trust us, the day will fly by – so we’ve put together a few things that you should do the morning of to set you up for a relaxed and enjoyable day.

Take time to… Relax

It’s your day – so go at your own pace. Take a few moments to stretch, stay in your pjs, and enjoy that cup of coffee before you even think about getting ready.

Take time to… Have a Good Breakfast

Have breakfast delivered to your suite, either from the hotel or a nearby restaurant and enjoy a meal with your maids before you all get ready for the day. Keep it light, healthy and tasty so you don’t feel sluggish. It’s important to eat and stay hydrated since you likely won’t get to eat until dinner.

Morning of Your Wedding

Take time to… Unplug

Say goodbye to the ‘gram today and disconnect from social media. Now is the time to be in the moment and enjoy each and every thing that’s happening. Have your MOH be in charge of your phone in case any emergencies arrive and so that she can snap a few awesome photos. Trust us, there will be enough selfies that people can send you later!

Take time to… Have a Dance Party

Crank the tunes and grab that hairbrush microphone – its party time! Set the tone for the day with some light-hearted and fun music that you can start getting ready to!

Take time to… Reflect

This is a great time to stop and take a few deep breaths. Have a quiet moment either by yourself or with your maids and reflect on the day ahead. Release any anxiety or stress, and commit to being in the moment.

Morning of Your Wedding

Photo Courtesy of Amos Photography

Take time to… Practice your Vows

If you and your partner have written your own vows, now is a good time to go over them. Not only so that you can practice but also so that you can remember the purpose of the day.

Take time to… Organize your Accessories

Before you start getting ready, lay out your veil, jewelry and dress to make sure that everything is accounted for. This will ensure you have time to find anything that is missing, or steam your dress if needed!

Take time to… Share a Mimosa with Your Girls

Nothing goes better with a wedding than some bubbles! Now is the time for a little celebration with your maids. Raise a glass, and give a heartfelt toast to the ones that have been there for you through thick and thin. Now is a great time to give them their gifts as well!

Your wedding day is finally here – it’s time to enjoy it! You have put months of work into planning and have waited so long for this day. Slow down and cherish each moment, you will thank us later!