As more and more restrictions are being lifted every day, we are beginning to wonder when we will be able to hangout in groups of more than ten. It is likely that even after restrictions have been completely lifted that there will be guidelines we need to follow when hosting a large gathering or event until further notice. So, if you are chomping at the bit to get married and want to do so ASATRALAWCHOA (As Soon As The Restrictions Are Lifted And We Can Hang Out Again) here are some ways that you can make your wedding a little safer for your guests in a fresh, post-COVID world.


  • Consider smaller numbers of guests at each table
  • Opt for round tables instead of rectangular tables
  • Try to sit immediate family members together
  • At the ceremony, consider benches instead of chairs so that your guests can distance themselves


  • Rather than dancing, consider having a pub style reception or singalong
  • Play board games instead of dancing
  • If you really want to dance, consider having socially distanced dancing like the Cha Cha Slide, the Macarena or line dancing
Post-COVID Wedding


  • Ensure that any food can be eaten with cutlery so guests won’t have to put their hands in their mouths
  • Avoid buffet or family style dinner service and opt instead for plated dinners
  • Chat with your caterer or venue to ensure proper food prep is being done


  • Ensure the bar is clearly marked and the bartender is protected
  • Give your guests clear guidelines on where to place their used glassware or empties
  • Consider a self-serve bar with single serving drinks such as cans and bottles to avoid contact with other humans
  • Sanitize each bottle and can before serving to your guests

Personal Safety Equipment

  • Provide masks and hand sanitizer for guests
  • Consider making your wedding favours PPE with branded hand sanitizer and masks with funny faces (big lips for the ladies and fun moustaches for the gents)

Crowd Control

  • Cut back on the number of guests who will be attending live
  • Communicate clearly to your guests that if they feel ill or have come in contact with someone who is ill that they should stay home

Take it outside

  • Consider moving your ceremony and reception outside, this will keep the air fresh and allow for more space between guests
  • Chat with your venue about their outdoor options and consider propane heat lamps for chillier months

Live stream

  • For people abroad who won’t be able to make the trip or for your friends and family with compromised immune systems, live stream the whole thing so they can celebrate with you!
  • If you get really ambitious, consider sending them a wedding favour and bottle of wine to help you celebrate

Whatever your plans may be, be sure to communicate any changes with your guests via your wedding website, and invites. Let them know if you are requiring PPE at your wedding as well as other precautions you are taking to keep them safe and healthy.