Selecting a wedding date is probably one of the hardest choices in wedding planning, especially knowing that a few of your VIP guests might not be able to attend. While it’s virtually impossible to select a date that will work for everyone on your guest list, it can still be disappointing to learn someone won’t be able to celebrate your big day with you. So knowing this information, what do you do? Do you still send a wedding invite to people who can’t come?

It’s totally understandable why you might be hesitant to send out a wedding invitation to someone who you already know is a guaranteed “no.” For starters, it might seem wasteful to sent out wedding invitations when it seems unnecessary. Additionally, you might not want to appear pushy or “gift grabby,” especially knowing full well your specific guests can’t attend.  Or maybe the unavailable person is someone you’re not particularly close to like a third cousin once removed. In the lattermost case, it’s probably fine not to send out a wedding invite; but if the wedding guest is someone like a dear friend or family relative, you might want to consider sending out a wedding invite to them anyway. Here’s why. 

It’s a nice gesture and keepsake 

Remember: your wedding day isn’t just about having a party, but it’s also an opportunity to celebrate you and your new found love. When you’re up to your eyeballs in wedding planning arrangements, it’s easy to lose sight of just how big a deal your wedding will be! Not just for you and your soon-to-be spouse, but also to your closest friends and family who are excited to watch you take this next huge step in your life. We’d argue that even receiving a simple gesture such as a wedding invitation will make them feel close to you and your special day even if it means not physically being there.  

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It’ll make both of you feel good 

Maybe they can’t attend your big day, but receiving a wedding invite will let them know that you still think of them and that you honour their place in your life. Inviting someone to your wedding is typically a symbol of how much someone means to you. After all, you only want people who love your love to be a part of your special day. Receiving a wedding invite tells them how much they are appreciated. If you feel like it, tuck a short note inside and tell them how much you’ll miss them.

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It won’t look like you’re pushing for a gift 

If you’re worried that sending a wedding invite to someone who can’t come looks like you’re hustling for a gift, don’t be. If someone sees a wedding invitation and immediately assumes “gift” then that says more about them than you. The truth is, if they’re a close friend or relative, they are probably considering gifting you with something special anyway. It’s not uncommon for people to send a gift even if they can’t attend. They’ll probably be happy to have access to the gift registry and wedding website. Not only will they know what to potentially give you, but having this information will help them feel part of your wedding day. 

Sending Wedding Invites to People Who Can’t Make It

It leaves an opportunity for guests to attend if they can 

Plans change. Maybe a trip gets cancelled. Maybe a baby comes early. If this person is special to you, it’s not a bad idea to leave the option open for them to attend if they’re able to do so. The wedding invitation allows them the chance to RSVP just in case, and you might both feel more at ease knowing that.