If you’ve just gotten engaged, first off, a big congratulations goes out to you! As you delve into the thick of wedding planning, eventually you get to the fun part of deciding what you and your guests get to eat! We thought we’d help you get a head start by shoulder-tapping some of Toronto’s favourite caterers, asking them to share their favourite hors d’oeuvres creations for the 2017 wedding season! No cheese and crackers over here – serve any of these delectable dishes and your guests will be talking about your wedding for years to come!

Warning: you won’t want to read this on an empty stomach!

Applewood Smoked Buffalo Chicken Lollipop

toronto caterers share hors doeuvres to be served in 2017, 1

“We love our Applewood Smoked Buffalo Chicken Lollipop with Ontario Blue Cheese Crema! After smoking for six hours over Applewood, we glaze the Chicken Lollipop with our House Buffalo Sauce, a bit smoky, spicy and sweet. We’re seeing a move towards interesting and new ways of serving classic comfort foods – it’s the fun, familiar flavours of wings, but elevated and refined.”

 Executive Chef Rene Kramer, en Ville Event Design and Catering

Peking Pork Belly Steam Bun

with Pickled Cucumber, Radish, Soy–Chili Glaze,  Fresh Scallions
Hors D'oeuvres

“Our Peking Style Pork Belly Steam Bun is our favorite pick of the year featuring the often underappreciated protein pork! All parts of this hors d’oeuvres are made from scratch (including the steam bun). This app puts a delicious spin on the traditional and takes it to a whole new level.”

 Chef Toben, Toben Food by Design

Beet Pancake with Cured Salmon

toronto caterers share hors doeuvres to be served in 2017, 11

“Our favourite hors d’oeuvre is our Beet Pancake and cured Salmon topped with Caviar. We love that the ingredients are 100% local, seasonal, and that it’s very colourful! We will definitely be serving lots of these in 2017!”

 Chef David D’Aprile, 10tation Event Catering

Vegan “Caprese Salad”

toronto caterers share hors doeuvres to be served in 2017, 12Photo Courtesy of Drew Duck Photography

“This is a take on Caprese Salad, but instead of Buffalo Mozzarella, it’s Tofu! The smoked Cherry Tomato provides a rich depth of flavour, complemented by the light Cucumber Jelly and the fresh Basil. We anticipate serving this delicious vegan hors d’oeuvres at many weddings in 2017 because it is light and seasonal for the spring/summer months – which happens to be the peak of wedding season!”

  Jodi McBurney, Victor Dries Curated Events 

Roasted Cauliflower Soup Shooters

toronto caterers share hors doeuvres to be served in 2017, 13

“Our Roasted Cauliflower Soup Shooters are one of our most popular hors d’oeuvres! We love this warm, hearty dish because it’s different from your typical hors d’oeuvre. Watch out for these in 2017!”

 Joshua Hendin, Treeline Catering 

Miniature Yorkshire Pudding

toronto caterers share hors doeuvres to be served in 2017, 14

“Our petit Yorkshire Puddings stuffed with shaved Beef Tenderloin, drizzled in Beef Jus, and garnished with freshly grated Horseradish is quickly becoming an elle cuisine staple. Roast Beef dinner is a tradition in so many homes, and this scrumptious bite combines all the delicious flavours to bring you right back to your family’s dining room table.”

 Chef Lauren Mozer, elle cuisine

Scallop Crudo

toronto caterers share hors doeuvres to be served in 2017, 15

“Our Scallop Crudo is made up of Sushi-grade Scallops in a fresh squeezed dressing of Orange, Lemon, Ginger, Soy and Thai Chilies. Sprinkled with Chives, Micro Mint and edible flowers, this healthy plated hors d’oeuvre is a perfect balance of vibrant citrus flavour and colour. It’s s sure to be an elegant addition to any reception in 2017!”

 Tom Flaherty, Daniel et Daniel Catering & Events

Cali Cone

toronto caterers share hors doeuvres to be served in 2017, 16

“We call this a Cali Cone: roasted baby Beets with Lemon-Mascarpone-Goat Cheese Mousse, Orange Segment and Candied Walnuts in a Green Tea Waffle Cone! We love it because it’s uniquely presented to guests in a vase filled with bright lentils, it’s visually appealing, and the taste doesn’t let down. It’s light, refreshing, and full of all the right flavours and textures; creamy, citrusy, savoury – sweet with a little crunch — it’s even vegetarian!”

 Culinary Director Gino Spano, Seventh Heaven Event Catering

Bite-Sized Shrimp Paella

toronto caterers share hors doeuvres to be served in 2017, 17

“Wedding season is right around the corner, which means delicious, creative hors d’oeuvres like our bite-sized Shrimp Paella. Guests won’t be able to stop at one! The Saffron Rice, Chorizo, and Clams will wake up the palate, adding a beautiful touch to any cocktail hour.”

 Executive Chef Jay Suppiah, Presidential Gourmet

Smoked Salmon Rondelle with Spinach Purée Cucumber and Sorrel

toronto caterers share hors doeuvres to be served in 2017, 18

“I love playing with bold colours when plating, and this Smoked Salmon Rondelle with Spinach Purée Cucumber and Sorrel is no exception. Inspired by Pantone’s colour of the year, Greenery, many of our 2017 hors d’oeuvre line up will feature this bright citrusy hue!”

 Executive Chef Daniel Holloway, Urban Acorn

Organic Irish Salmon Sashimi

with avocado chutney, pickled cucumber, ginger, chili, and cilantro
toronto caterers share hors doeuvres to be served in 2017, 19

“This salmon dish is our signature passed snack showcasing both technical skill and dedication to sourcing product sustainably. A lightly cured piece of organic salmon loin is served on a puffed salmon skin – kind of like salmon chicharron – and finished with a zesty avocado chutney and classic flavour affinities. This Sashimi has been a hit at every wedding we’ve done before – and we predict it will continue to be popular in 2017!”

 Chef Kevin Castonguay, ProvisionsTO 

Sushi Garden Platter

toronto caterers share hors doeuvres to be served in 2017, 20

“Alternatives to meat are on the rise and we’ve challenged our sensationally talented Chef Oscar (who was actually trained by the legendary Iron Chef Morimoto!) to create a wide selection of extraordinary bites adorning wooden boards that are sure to deliver an artisanal sushi experience. What a fabulous accompaniment to cocktail hour! Just be warned, they disappear fast!”

 Fia Pagnello, Kiss the Cook Catering 

Spiced Ontario Lamb Lollipops with Salsa Verde

Hors D'oeuvres

“Our lamb lollipops are simple yet sophisticated – perfect for any wedding! This two-bite canapé is robust enough for your hungrier guests, without ruining their appetites for dinner. It also pairs great with bubbly, or a glass of light red.”

 Chef Tom Brodi, Oliver & Bonacini Catering

Asian Tostada Bowl

toronto caterers share hors doeuvres to be served in 2017, 21

“Encore’s Asian Tostada Bowl is as captivating as it is delicious, with a beautiful assortment of colours that will bring any wedding to life. It combines the refreshing flavours of Pickles, Jicama, Carrot Daikon Pickle, Lo Mein, Wakame, Sesame Seed, Pea Leaf and Nori. This 2017 wedding hors d’oeuvre can be served stationary, passed, or as a trio appetizer – allowing you to customize the dish in order to best suit the appetite of your guests. It can also be prepared as a Spanish Tostada Bowl – with Avocado, Seven Bean Salad, Pea Sprout, Guajillo, Carrot Daikon Pickle and toasted Crispy Wontons.”

 President Cary Silber, Encore Catering