Not too hot, not too cold, they say that fall is the goldilocks of all seasons. Okay, they don’t say that, but we can all agree that the crisper fall season brings with it the sweet motherload of warm, hearty comfort foods we’ve all come to crave.

Naturally, as inquisitive (and hungry) foodie fanatics, we wanted to see what Toronto’s top caterers would be serving up for the season, and we certainly weren’t disappointed! We reached out to our catering friendies and asked them to send along their favourite menu items. Spoiler alert: you’ll find no signs of pumpkin-spiced anything on this list! Scroll down below and take a gander!

Cuban Spiced Short Rib

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As the evenings start to cool off, we begin to look forward to the fall season and the warm and gentle spices that go along with it. Moving on from the classic cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg combinations of the pumpkin spices and looking to our cities cultural diversity for inspiration we have been using slightly warmer notes like Tajine and Cuban spices to delight palates with. This season we are featuring a Cuban Spiced Short Rib garnished with peppers and Pico de Gallo, pictured here served with Ginger Lime Carrots and Sweet Potato Mash. We hope our guests enjoy this dish as it’s both comforting and exciting all at the same time. Bon Appetit!

Photo of Karen O’Connor
Karen O’ConnorExecutive Chef

Hearty Rack of Lamb Sous Vide

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We start with an Ontario Rack of Lamb Sous Vide with fresh farmers market rosemary & mint, an Edmond Fallot Dijon & local honey glaze and finished with Mike and Miles’s candied pecan crust. This dish is accompanied with a Blueberry Hill Farms blueberry balsamic reduction. We love this dish because of the many locally sourced ingredients and the flavour combination. Enjoy this hearty sweater weather dish outside on the patio before it gets too cold!

Photo of Tim Pentz
Tim PentzExecutive Chef

A Hearty Fall Salad

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The peak of apple picking season in Ontario is September making it hard to leave this star ingredient out when developing our fall menus. A hearty fall salad is always a crowd favourite especially when our chefs can use many fresh Ontario ingredients capping off our amazing growing season.

Photo of Ann Stolte-Butler
Ann Stolte-ButlerDirector of Catering

Moules Frites

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There’s something incredibly comforting about a big bowl of mussels served in a flavourful broth with a side of crusty bread for crunch. Delivering on the cozy cravings synonymous with fall, we’ve recreated the classic French dish in just one bite. Our Moules Frites features a plump mussel topped with a creamy white wine emulsion that mimics the flavours of broth, with crispy fingerling potatoes for added crunch factor. Perfect as a passed canapé, our classic-meets-modern interpretation is a delicious one-bite wonder.

Photo of Natalie Ho
Natalie HoNational Director, Event Sales

Fall Flavour Salads

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For the fall we are seeing a strong influence of fresh healthy eating across the board, and while fall winter menus tend to be heartier my favorite items are our selection of 'Fall Flavor Salads' that incorporate a variety of different lettuces and leaves then accented with more colorful and flavorful ingredients like figs, pears, crispy prosciutto, pumpkin seeds and more. These salads feel very fall and winter but are fresh and filled with flavor.

Photo of Sebastien Centner
Sebastien CentnerFounder & Creative Director

Niagara Pinot Noir Braised Local Lamb Shank

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To amplify fall flavours we take inspiration from celebrated local ingredients with subtle Mediterranean influences. Come Autumn, the flavour profiles, as well as the aesthetic appeal of the food, lean more towards earthy, orange tones. The Niagara pinot noir braised local lamb shank with cippolini, black olive and fresh herbs is always a wedding guest favourite. Served with oven-roasted Ontario heirloom carrots and cast iron seared oyster mushrooms with a pan reduction, this feast is a true celebration of the season.

Photo of René Kramer
René KramerExecutive Chef & Vice President Culinary

Pani Puri

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Have you ever tried Pani Puri? This popular Indian street food (chaat) is one of Kiss the Cook’s newest and tastiest food station offerings. Crisp puffed balls (Puri) made from semolina and rice flower are filled with an assortment of savory, tangy, sweet, crispy toppings and a spicy “water,” (pani). This bite is the definition of a “party in your mouth”. A noteworthy filling that makes our Pani Puri extra special is our Sous Chef Swapnil’s delicious Masala of chickpeas, potatoes, and spices. He also scratch-makes delicious Tamarind chutney, Green chutney and a cold sweet Yogurt, sure to light up all your senses. Other ingredients include pomegranate, red onion, mango, cilantro or pickled jalapenos allowing you to customize and try different combinations. To finish, we garnish with crispy Sev (fried gram flour fritters) for even more texture and crunch. This is chaat worth chatting about!

Photo of Fia Pagnello
Fia PagnelloCEO

Apple Walnut Cake with Butterscotch

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Rich and decadent, our Apple Walnut Cake with Butterscotch is the ultimate fall dessert for your sweet craving. Seasonal flavours of tart apple and sweet butterscotch are a crowd-pleasing combination. Finished with lemon crème fraîche, fresh sliced strawberries, and topped with walnuts, this dessert is full of comforting flavours that will give you complete satisfaction.

Photo of Rick Rowe
Rick RowePresident

Sweet Corn Brûlée

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Our Sweet Corn Brûlée is the perfect way to finish any event after a long day enjoying the beautiful fall scenery. With memories of late summer, the corn is harvested and preserved to enjoy at its peak flavour throughout the fall season. With maple cornbread, caramel popcorn, and blueberries, it’s a seasonal dessert that’s guaranteed to be a hit with your guests. Inspired by the natural sweetness of local Ontario corn, we’ve added a modern twist to make this Sweet Corn Brûlée a unique dish bursting with seasonal flavours.

Photo of Sara McCulloch
Sara McCullochExecutive Pastry Chef

Tuna Bomb

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The Tuna Bomb (or as some call it our Tuna Love Bomb) is our signature canape providing just the right combination of flavour, texture, and excitement for those to enjoy it in one or two bites. The flavours are delightful, warm, and excite the taste buds with a touch of wasabi, spicy mayo, baby pickled ginger along with a tender piece of Saku marinated tuna on warm crisp panko-crusted rice cake! Think of Remy from the Disney movie Ratatouille when he first experiences combining a strawberry with cheese, all of his senses ignite with pleasure. We believe it’s a year round appetizer, with the warmth of the rice cake as it’s prepared fresh is a lovely addition to the cooler weather days. These canapes represent perfection and just what our clients are looking for when building their perfect passed appetizers menu for all occasions.

Photo of Gillian Joy Whyatt
Gillian Joy WhyattCo-owner, Event Planner & Culinary Consultant

Braised Lamb Shanks

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As the weather gets cooler, the best way to warm up is with a great meal shared with friends and family. Chef Wladimir Egüez has been working hard to perfect our comfort food menu! We are looking forward to red wine and rosemary braised Ontario lamb shank with polenta, Ontario vegetables, and a red wine jus.

Photo of Jonathan Preskow
Jonathan PreskowCEO & Executive Chef

Balsamic Flatbread

with Spicy Salami, Fried Balsamic Brussels Sprouts & Caramelized Garlic Onion Confit.

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Food costs have been on a steep climb and budgets are on everyone’s minds. Phrases like “supply chain” are heard everywhere and often. In such times of uncertainty, we strive to provide our clients with a sense of ease and comfort by creating elevated yet budget-friendly menus with fresh, seasonal, and locally grown ingredients. Our Balsamic Flatbread is one of our most popular menu items for Fall 2022.

Photo of Kathy Woodgate
Kathy WoodgateOwner & Founder

Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes

with Genovese Basil in a Baked Parmesan Cup Drizzled with an Aged Balsamic Reduction.

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As the weather begins to cool, the tomatoes fully ripen and develop a full flavour. With this in mind, the combination of the saltness from parmesan, sweetness from the balsamic reduction, tanginess from the cherry tomatoes, and the aromatic flavours of fresh Genovese basil creates the perfect balance on your taste buds.

Photo of Shirley Lam
Shirley LamChef