Last week, we featured part one of our top photography picks of 2016 from 12 of Toronto’s top wedding photographers. Based on the feedback, we know you’re dying to see more so we are SO excited to share part two of this year’s top Toronto wedding photos with you! Prepare to have your breath taken away!

Krista Fox Photography

toronto wedding photographers share 2016 best of photography part2, 1

“This image of Jennifer and Andrew in Ottawa is one of my favourites from 2016. Captured on the terrace of the historic Chateau Laurier Hotel at the base of Canada’s Parliament buildings, it has almost an enchanted feel to it – the Gothic architecture of the Parliament buildings rising out of the trees, a pastel sky, magical evening light, and a bride looking like a princess in her ballgown… all of the elements of a fairy tale.”

Krista, Krista Fox Photography

Olive Photography

Toronto Photography

Chloe and Andrew are so much fun – how could we not use them for this boho styled shoot? I adore photographing weddings and I also love getting creative – it was so much fun being a part of this California Desert project, working with some of Toronto’s incredibly talented vendors!

I love this shot because it’s just so unique. I love being present and in the moment when I photograph each couple, taking in the body language as well as the environment. The beach, sun, big sprawling tree, fun VW van and amazing fringe dress all create a really fun setup. And of course, the connection between the two of them in the middle just warms my heart. Forehead kisses make me swoon!”

Anastasia, Olive Photography

The Love Studio

toronto wedding photographers share 2016 best of photography part2, 10

“Kati, from Dallas, and Shayan, from Toronto, decided to have a destination wedding in Mexico. As their closest family and friends were scattered all over the globe, and would have to fly out to the wedding anyway, they entrusted The Eventeur to plan the wedding of their dreams in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. We took Kati and Shayan to a cacti-filled desert overlooking the sea to do their engagement shoot. It was the stuff that Quentin Tarantino films are made of. The striking leading man, the elegant woman, and a dusty sunset…what else could we ask for!”

Andreea + Nino,

Mango Studios

toronto wedding photographers share 2016 best of photography part2, 11

“At Mango Studios, we strive to tell a story of each location where we shoot. Whether it’s Toronto’s bustling city core or a majestic Colorado mountain field as in the image above, location is a big part of your wedding day. Rather than putting a landmark in the forefront of the image, we like it to serve as a tool that adds texture and depth, and evokes special moods and emotions. Location, just like an unposed pose, light, and tone is an important part of everything we employ to make your wedding photographs come to life, even as a still image.”

Liza, Mango Studios

Rhythm Photography

toronto wedding photographers share 2016 best of photography part2, 12

“This photo is one of my favourite images to date. I love this image because it really looks like the couple are on their own private island! Destination weddings are so romantic and so much fun; it really allows the couple to enjoy each other’s company as husband and wife and also allows them to celebrate this joyous day with their closest friends and family!”

Anita, Rhythm Photography

TJ Tindale Photography

Toronto Photography

“This couple was amazing. All they wanted was an intimate wedding and time with each other. We spent an hour and a half just exploring and photographing. It was awesome!”

TJ, TJ Tindale Photography

Lori Waltenbury

toronto wedding photographers share 2016 best of photography part2, 13

“I love this wedding because it encompasses everything I love about rural small town weddings; unique locations, one of a kind photo opportunities, and just genuine kind hearted people who are open to any crazy photo idea I suggest (like getting in a canoe right after their ceremony!).”

Lori, Lori Waltenbury

Scarlet O’Neill

Toronto Photography

“Samantha & Chris are two of the kindest souls I ever have met. I love that you can feel the love and excitement in this photo. This image was taken at sunset right after they had wed, broke bread with their loved ones, and had their first dance. Just seeing this photo warms my heart.”

Scarlet, Scarlet O'Neill

Purple Tree Photography

toronto wedding photographers share 2016 best of photography part2, 14

“This photo was taken right after Jeremie and Jessica saw each other for the first time on their big day. Their reveal was very special, as they were standing in this door frame back to back just holding hands and reading out loud the notes they prepared for each other. There were lots of tears during those couple minutes and right after they turned towards each other, they shared an extra intimate moment, where we stayed a bit further to document it without interruption.”

Svetlana, Purple Tree Wedding Photography


toronto wedding photographers share 2016 best of photography part2, 15

“It’s so easy to fall in love with this photograph! Gorgeous Jasmin was jumping on a trampoline following the wedding ceremony. It is a beautiful expression of pure joy and bliss captured in only few takes by one of Phototerra’s leading photographers, Michael Greenberg.”

Tally, Phototerra

Samantha Clarke Photography

Toronto Photography

“Just before Nigel and Pierrette’s wedding ceremony began, there was a heavy rain shower that almost cancelled their outdoor ceremony. Luckily, the skies cleared up just in time! The newlyweds were truly ecstatic to finally unite and begin their lives together on that perfect day.”

Samantha, Samantha Clarke Photography

Boakview Photography

Toronto Photography

“Deepy and Aidan stole our hearts the moment we met them. Not only are they completely in love (and it shows), they are also up for virtually anything – including having their dinner interrupted by two eager golden hour lovers (that would be us!) and dancing in the courtyard to the setting sun. This photo captures their energy, easy-going spirit, and penchant for having fun – for us, it’s a brilliant display of the wonders of the early evening light and how beautiful it is to capture.”

Katarina, Boakview Photography