When you first start planning your wedding, you may be wondering if a wedding planner is within your budget– and perhaps more importantly– is it worth it? While your venue may include a day-of coordinator, it is important to remember that they are in charge of all things to do with the venue and not anything you bring in. This means that you (or someone) will be in charge of setting up flowers and any additional decor you want as well as many other tasks you might not think of. This is where your wedding planner comes in! While they will be taking care of the obvious– planning your wedding– here are some surprising jobs your wedding planner will also take care of: 

Your Therapist:

Along with nailing down the details of your big day, your planner will also be there for every freakout, indecision, and fight with your mother-in-law. They will talk you down off every ledge and pull solutions out of what seems like nowhere.

Wedding Planner

You Project Manager:

Think of your wedding planner as your very own project manager who will keep you on task (sometimes with a little tough love). This will make sure that you get things done, send deposits, and make decisions when they are needed, and make sure nothing is overlooked!

Your Decorator:

While you are dealing with hair and makeup, sipping mimosas, your wedding planner will be making sure that all your decor is in place, that your seating cards are correct and that everything is perfect so that your only worry is walking down the aisle!

Wedding Planner

Photo Credit: Purple Tree Wedding Photography

You Crisis Management Team:

The last thing you want to be dealing with on your wedding day is anything going sideways. Whether it’s your cake not showing up or the groom’s suit ripping open on the bum – your wedding planner will handle it.

Your Wrangler:

Whether it’s getting your bridal party to the ceremony on time, or handling drunk relatives at the reception, your wedding planner will make sure everyone gets where they need to go. Honestly, organizing everyone for family photos is likely the only reason you need to hire a wedding planner! 

As you can see– your wedding planner takes on many more jobs than they often get credit for. If it’s within your budget to hire a wedding planner for your big day, then you absolutely should! Happy Planning!