Gordon Kushner

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June 2018

Dr Lickrish is Amazing in my opinion. A long time ago he saved me when I was about 18 and we found out that I had cervical displacia (sp). He treated me at the hospital via laser surgery. To this day I been well, no issues etc. Ill never forget him.

Sad 2017 Bride

July 2017

He officiated my wedding: pronounced my name SO OFF that it didn't sound like I was even the bride anymore. He stammered on the text he provided us. And all this after we had met him personally. To make it worse he told me i should've corrected him mid ceremony. Sure, i should've looked back while people have start applauding to say hey STOP, pronounce me right. Right? He ruined the wedding videos. Cant believe this was an officiant whose done a 1000 weddings. Save your wedding and walk away from this man.

Nancy Nielsen

June 2017

I have been a patient for many years. Best GYN in Toronto.

Victoria Dixon

January 2017

The best.

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