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Reviews of Gordon Kushner

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Gordon Kushner

Denise James

March 2020

To be honest you dont even know he's examining you. Very gentle, quick and easy to talk to. His front desk staff are all very kind including his assistant. Great place ladies!!

Gordon Kushner

Shy .

June 2018

Dr Lickrish is Amazing in my opinion. A long time ago he saved me when I was about 18 and we found out that I had cervical displacia (sp). He treated me at the hospital via laser surgery. To this day I been well, no issues etc. Ill never forget him.

Gordon Kushner

Sad 2017 Bride

July 2017

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He officiated my wedding: pronounced my name SO OFF that it didn't sound like I was even the bride anymore. He stammered on the text he provided us. And all this after we had met him personally. To make it worse he told me i should've corrected him mid ceremony. Sure, i should've looked back while people have start applauding to say hey STOP, pronounce me right. Right? He ruined the wedding videos. Cant believe this was an officiant whose done a 1000 weddings. Save your wedding and walk away from this man.

Gordon Kushner

Victoria Dixon

January 2017

The best.

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