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LaRocca Cakes

Sharon Ghatrora

October 2019

very rude serivce ! went to order a cake the representative said the cake is not in stock but will arrive tomorrow morning by 12pm. i placed the order went to pick up the cake at 12pm on my son's birthday the cake didnt' arrive and it will not come the day it was ordered for. i told representative you shoudlve told me that it's not guranteed that it will arrive and he replied nothing is guranteed in this life ! i said you couldve at least told me he can take the order but he can't confirm the cake that i ordred will arrive on time. i said i wasn't gona place the order then. i couldve gone somewhere else and get it. very rude/low customer service! i ran to few different stores to find the cake my son watned. Luckily i found it at Longos. Longos has the best cake and less price than Larocca. I asked for refund from Larocca i dont' see it in my account yet!.

LaRocca Cakes

greywolf0167 .

September 2019

I have tasted 4 of your Cakes from Sobey's, I must say i have been in the kitchen for 32 years,, every chef position up to executive, now retired,, and since i am retired i hate cooking for one person. Hahahahaaha...this includes baking, Your Cakes are to die for, just the right amount of every thing, tell your staff they are doing a fantastic job, and keep it going, best deal and taste out there and a big bang for our buck too.

LaRocca Cakes

Mohammed Azeem

April 2019

This bakery does not make cakes just to fulfill our timely desire. It produces cakes to make the memories more wonderful than they were before. Cakes are so delicious and mouth- watering that even the diabetic patient cannot control if presented before. Maybe, the name of the bakery is sufficient to say that, This bakery is in the process of making our memories more special and more delightful due to their exceptional varieties of available cakes.

LaRocca Cakes

Layal Gaber

March 2019

Cakes at La Rocca are always fresh, moist, and delicious!! I have never purchased the same pastry twice, only because so far all their pastries are magnificent! I often grab coffee on the go, it's smooth, strong, and exactly what I need to kick off my day.

LaRocca Cakes

Ray Ray

September 2018

I love sweet stuff but I don't like it when it's very too sweet. This cake was amazing. One of my friends bought it for us and because of the way it looks I thought it should be very sweet but it was delicious and soft with enough sweetness. Then from the box I found the location and I would like to go there and try more stuff.

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