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Jessica A.

January 2019

Rose Petal Decor did an amazing job for my wedding. Everything looked beautiful and was exactly as we discussed. Felicia and her team were polite and professional throughout the entire process. I highly recommend and would use Rose Petal again in the future.

Julie Diep

November 2018

Elena Wong

September 2018

Amazing work for our wedding! We met with them 2 years ago as we planned our wedding early. They were recommended by our venue, Fantasy Farm and man are we glad we did! We got a discount too! They were so easy to work with and exceeded our expectations. They even worked with the venue when we chose the wrong table cloths at the venue to go with their chair covers. Would definitely recommend them!!

Arabelle Samonte

April 2018

Felicia is amazing to work with. They did such an amazing job doing our wedding decor: backdrop, head table set up and the beautiful 4 post canopy for our ceremony! She put our vision into action and amplified it to make it even better and we appreciate her professional and artistic input. She has amazing linen and runners to rent as well and it definitely added a nice touch to our decor. I highly recommend her! Thanks Felicia and your team for helping our wedding become memorable!

Rodney Chan

February 2017

Wow - That is literally the first word I said when I entered our reception hall.Im going to begin this story from the start. When my wife and I first got engaged, we were going around looking for a banquet hall. We came across Rose Petal decor at an open house for Angus Glen, and apparently my wife fell in love with Felicias work right there and then. Fast forward a year later, we finally had a banquet hall, most of our vendors and everything in place except for our decor. We looked at quite a few decor places, but my wife insisted that she wanted Rose Petal.We met with Rose petal and everything seemed to be perfect. We contacted her a few days after our meeting only to discover that she was now actually booked for our day! It was very dissapointing, but at the same time we also understood that Felicia is very in demand, as she is more of a boutique style decor vendor. What this means is that she (at the time that we had our wedding) pretty much only did one wedding per day. Lesson here is do not hesitate with Felicia. If shes available for your day, your very lucky. If you meet with her and everything is fine, book her right away! She is exactly what she says she is, no games, no middle man, no dissapointments :)When we first compared other vendors, a lot of other vendors said they could do up to 4 weddings per day. What that translates to in my mind is that the person that you meet with, to discuss your ideas and vision would quite possibly NOT be there to execute your vision! And after reading a lot of reviews and meeting the "bigger" places we wanted Felicia that much more. When you hire your photographer, your hiring him and possibly a second shooter. I would hate to hear my photographer also has 4 other weddings on the same day. When you hire your DJ, you dont want him to also be DJing 3 other weddings the same day, so why do that with your decor? When I hire a vendor, I want to know that for our day they are devoted to us for that day.We heard of horror stories with larger companies where NOTHING was right. Things were not exactly as discussed, and this was quite likely because again the person that you meet with is the "sales" person. They are not the people actually there. So the people that are putting your decor together on your big day? Its hired help that you never met before. Any mistakes you catch, you would only catch when you show up for your reception at night. And by that time its too late to fix anything!From first point of contact, you will be speaking to Felicia. You would be discussing your vision and ideas with her and she would be able to tell you if its possible or not because she also is the person on site that day helping to execute your vision. She is meticulous in her ways and the final product shows.We have been to a lot of other weddings where the backdrop was slanted, too sheer or wrinkly. Small details, but when you enlarge it to the size of the wall in your reception hall all those little things sure add up. Felicia and her team take the meticulous time to hand steam out the smallest wrinkles. Things look big, thick, majestic and magical. Its really hard to put into words what her work looks like in real life. But when you see it, it will definitely make you say "wow".Going back to our story, thankfully Felicia was some how able to fit us in on our day and was able to juggle a few things to make it work. I can not begin to emphasize how thankful my wife and I are for having her work on our back drop, we were over the moon happy when we found out she could accomadate us.When you hire Felicia you will absolutely not be dissapointed. Shes meticulous, and detailed. Shes just over all a wonderful person to work with. She can take your wedding from a "thats nice" to a "WOW thats gorgeous"She is absolutely worth every penny.Thanks so much Felicia!Photo credits: Jeremy Clay Photography, Nate Dionisio & SDE Weddings

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