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Sinfully Sweet Co.

Rekha Sritharan

November 2018

I have always wanted to use Sinfully Sweet Co. for my wedding cake ever since I tasted them for the first time at a friend’s engagement! When we picked our wedding venue and they handed us recommended cake vendors and I saw them on the list I knew it was meant to be! Sonia made it an easy process from the first email to cutting and serving! The cake was delicious and we received so many compliments! Thank you so much Sonia for making our day that much better with our beautiful cake center stage.

Sinfully Sweet Co.

Melissa Elsen

October 2018

Completely dissatisfied. I paid for a wedding cake that I never received. On May 20, 2017, the day of my wedding, I was informed by the wedding planner that the owner was in a car accident with the cake. Sorry to hear of the accident, nothing could be done at that moment. I was told to give her time and space to recover which we of course respected. About a month after the wedding we began conversations to obtain a refund (as we had paid in full) for the cake which was never received. At first she told us that we weren’t entitled to a refund as there is a clause in our contract that states that a refund will not be given for ‘Acts of god’. In the contract it also states that the bride/groom are 100% responsible for the cake after it’s dropped off. I tried to use the reverse logic that she should be 100% responsible if it’s never dropped off. Eventually she agreed to give us a 100% refund. She set a date (Sept 2017) for the 50% refund, and payment was refunded. The other 50% was scheduled for October 2017 and when the payment wasn’t made I informed her. She agreed to repay the remaining in April 2018 (11 months after the wedding). When that payment was never received, I contacted her via emails and phone calls and was never able to connect. No form of contact was ever received after that point. To this day I’ve never received an apology and I can’t even fathom that someone could keep payment for not delivering a service on their wedding day. You have to be pretty cold hearted for that. I would advise any person planning a wedding to steer clear from any service that Sonia is providing. The accident that she was involved in was unfortunate, but her lack of customer service after the accident is what is truly appalling.

Sinfully Sweet Co.

Shannon Williams

November 2017

We found Sonia through a friend that worked with her previously but we still did our research and fell in love with her work instantly. She was a wonder to work with and very accommodating every step of the way. I loved that she was able to incorporate all the little designs from our invitation to the jeweled design of my wedding ring into our cake. I was very happy to say that cake design was truly ours and representative of our wedding day. Her Sweet Vanilla and Spiked Red Velvet flavors, I must say, was a huge hit with our guests. These past few month have been hard trying not be tempted to eat our top tier that we've saved for our one year anniversary.
Sonia and team, thank you so much for our beautiful wedding cake. I'm so happy we decided to work with you and hope to do so in the future!

Sinfully Sweet Co.

Lena Currie

November 2017

We worked with Sonia earlier this year on a cake for our wedding in September. She was great to work with at the start - very responsive. We met with her for a tasting and she was very passionate about her craft. Her cakes were good - a little too sweet for my taste, but nonetheless.

She said she would sketch up a design for us and send it over. After a few weeks, I hadn't heard anything. When I followed up, Sonia mentioned that she was out of range and she would resend the design in a few days. This didn't happen.

We then heard from our wedding planner that Sonia had been involved in an accident. We were absolutely horrified and of course understood when our planner told us that Sonia wasn't able to deliver any baking services for our September wedding. The planner had told us that Sonia would refund our deposit for the cake.

A month later, we hadn't heard anything, which was fine, given recovery time. We patiently waited, and were advised by our planner that Sonia was now only going to refund half of our deposit.

We were finally told that Sonia wouldn't be refunding ANYTHING because she was actually able to make our cake for September after all. We were told this at the start of August - when we had of course already hired another baker. We weren't going to take a chance on our cake!

The nice experience we had with Sonia at the beginning of this process was really tarnished by the awful customer service we received coming out of her accident. We understood that it was a stressful time for her, but to keep changing her mind and then not refunding our money at all was a really awful experience. It stressed us out, and added unnecessary anxiety to our planning process.

We will not be recommending Sinfully Sweet to any of our friends.

Sinfully Sweet Co.

Erin Davie

January 2017

Sonia designed and made our travel themed wedding cake, it was amazing! It was exactly what we wanted. It was beautiful, personal and it tasted fabulous. We had so many amazing comments on it, can't wait for our anniversary to eat the portion that we froze. We got exactly what we hoped for and Sonia was helpful and well priced in the market.Thank you Sinfully Sweet!

Sinfully Sweet Co.

Liv Chic Events

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OMG the flavours that Sonia creates are amazing. Just say yes.... Her cakes will be a hit at any event you choose to celebrate. They don't just taste good, her cake design work is stunning. You will not be disappointed.

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