True North Climbing

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David Lin

May 2019

I feel that the gym's management doesn't listen to its clients. I've been there for over 2 years as a regular member and they still haven't fixed the poor lighting in the caves nor the second floor men's washroom urinal smell. Thought I would just give bad review to see if management would care at all.Update: the gym has updated their lighting and it's been awesome. The washroom issue has been resolved also. Updated to 5 stars!

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Lev Talis

April 2019

Affordable fun for the whole family. Ages 4 and up. Plenty of walls to climb with various difficulties. Truly a whole lot of fun.

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Cameron Andrew

April 2019

I've been a member at this gym for over 50 days, enough to see a full rotation of set top-ropes and boulder routes. I decided to postpone an initial review to really get a feel for the place. For context, my experience at climbing gyms includes 15 gyms from 10 different cities.The gym staff are all excellent. Great people, welcoming, and knowledgeable. The non-sport amenities are near-always clean and organized. The atmosphere is also good. The gym gives a more experienced vibe than many others.The routes themselves feel more difficult than other gyms I've had memberships at. I would say that the average route is a half-grade higher in difficulty than most other places. This makes the gym great for experienced climbers but less welcoming to new-faces.

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Galyna Vlasenko

January 2019

Unusual, but an amazing place to celebrate a children Birthday Party! It was a great and realy fun experience for all! Our instructors were very friendly and professional, all staff are awesome! Thank you so much for your excellent job! Highly recommend this place!!!

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