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August 2019

Visits: 10+Cost: GoodI actually first learned to climb at this gym when it opened. It was, at the time, clean, well designed, and with tons of interesting routes. I returned last year after about 3 years and I was genuinely concerned by the quality of climbing. I've never really enjoyed the bouldering setting - I've felt like it was designed for people under 5'3" - but the setting has seriously slacked. There's lots of accordion-like moves where you start the climb eating your knees, and are then expected to move 5 feet away to the next hold. Maybe it's fun for some. But it's not fun for me.The gym has that chalky din that comes from being quite old, and the bouldering area is very small. It's still a very fun place for route climbing and leading, but I would strongly recommend bringing a climbing partner because otherwise, the place is a hard pass.

Rohan Philip

August 2019

I came here for their "Bring Da Ruckus" party and had a phenomenal time! They had a lot of interesting routes! The atmosphere was awesome. The staff were great and friendly. The community at the party was very welcoming. The facilities are fantastic. They also had a ton of giveaways at the party which was really fun to be a part of! Would highly recommend :)

Miriam Marling

July 2019

Got introduced to climbing at this gym, and now have a membership. Like how they make new routes every few weeks!I dont boulder, so cant comment on their bouldering walls, but the auto-belay and belay walls are great!Ive been to a few climbing gyms since, and have to say, this is my fav in terms of cleanliness (have witnessed them cleaning holds outside a few times already), atmosphere and staff friendliness. Also, it has AC and decent ventilation, so great for climbing in the warmer months unlike some other gyms. Highly recommend trying it out for a few hours.

Julie Gl

July 2019

Wonderful place! Training is awesome, staff great, very knowledgeable, the walls get changed so it's not always the same thing. Super friendly for kids, and clean air conditioned facility.

Cameron Andrew

April 2019

I've been a member at this gym for over 50 days, enough to see a full rotation of set top-ropes and boulder routes. I decided to postpone an initial review to really get a feel for the place. For context, my experience at climbing gyms includes 15 gyms from 10 different cities.The gym staff are all excellent. Great people, welcoming, and knowledgeable. The non-sport amenities are near-always clean and organized. The atmosphere is also good. The gym gives a more experienced vibe than many others.The routes themselves feel more difficult than other gyms I've had memberships at. I would say that the average route is a half-grade higher in difficulty than most other places. This makes the gym great for experienced climbers but less welcoming to new-faces.

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