Now a days, people are more obsessed than ever with their fur babies, which is why so many people include them in their weddings. Let’s be honest, our pets really are a part of the family and if you’ve already been living together, it might be time to make things official. Want to include your pet in your proposal? Here are five great ways to do so.

1. Hang a cute sign around their neck:
Remember dog shaming? Well this is way better! Loosely hang a sign around your pet’s neck with a cute proposal saying on it “Mom, will you marry daddy?” And then snap a picture of them sitting next to the ring. When you’re ready to propose, show your future spouse the ‘funny picture’ you took of your fur-baby that day. When they realize what’s happening, you can pull the ring out and do it for real.


2. Attach the ring to their collar:
If your pet is okay with having things attached to their collars and won’t run and hide, consider attaching the actual ring to their collar and waiting for your soon-to-be fiancée to find it. Alternatively, you can have them go directly to your partner as soon as you put the ring on, but it might be fun to build the suspense.

3. On their favourite outing:
Does your pooch love hiking? Are you a trail rider? Take your fiancée-to-be and your pet on your favourite hike and propose surrounded by the things you love most.

4. Teach them a new trick:
Think of how cute it would be to show your future fiancée the new trick you taught your pup. Come up with a command like ‘I do’ or ‘Pop’ and then have your fiancé give the command. When puppy listens, so should you.

5. Family photo shoot:
Organize a family photo shoot and insist on having the pet be a part of it. You can then either have your pet ‘propose’ with a sign or the ring, or you can have your pet sit and get down with them to ask your partner the big question. Not only will your pup be excited, but you’ll have a great photo to remember the moment by.


Like marriage, owning a pet is a major commitment, so before you consider this kind of proposal make sure that you and your partner are both on board for the responsibilities of pet ownership. Imagine their face if you handed them a dog AND proposed – they would never stop telling that story! Another amazing idea for this would be to propose while signing adoption paperwork for your new pet. Rather than putting ‘single’ or ‘common law’ on the paperwork – put ‘married’ and see what your partner says.

Whatever you decide to do, involving your pet in your proposal can be a personal and unique way to propose to your partner. Just make sure that any props used are animal safe! Happy proposing!