Hands up if you’re the type of person who shows strangers pictures of their pets… or if you celebrate your pet’s birthday every year. Anyone? If that sounds like you, you might be trying to figure out a way to include your furry family member in your big day. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one.

Many couples feel extremely attached to their pets and recognize the major impact they have on our lives. As such, many brides and grooms have found awesome ways to involve their pets, here are some of the best (please note, most of these work best with a dog, however some couples have opted to include their cats, parrots and even goats!):

  1. Ring Bearer or Flower Girl: Have your furry friend carry the rings down the aisle, led by a friend, or, if they are well trained, they can walk themselves.
  2. Groomsman or Bridesmaid: Have your pet stand with you as you say ‘I do’ to the love of your life. Matching bow ties for the gents, and beautiful floral collars for the ladies! Have someone in your bridal party hold on to them, or if they are well trained, they can sit with you.
  3. The First Look: This works especially well with dogs. Have your photographer capture the first moment your pup sees you in your dress, and how excited they get.
  4. Giving the Bride Away: This works best with larger animals like horses. Involve your best friend by riding them down the aisle to meet your soon-to-be spouse, and make sure your photographer captures that special moment between the two of you.
  5. Pictures: If your pet is well trained, they can make an excellent addition to your photos. Make sure to include them in both posed and candid shots to really capture their personalities.
pets in weddings

Photo Courtesy of Alix Gould Photography

If you still want your furry family member involved but are worried about the actual event being too much for them, there are still a number of ways you can involve them as you get ready for your wedding. 

  1. Cake Topper: Many couples opt for custom cake toppers to represent themselves. Why not include your furry family member in a place of honour atop your cake?
  2. Save the Dates: Use your pet to help tell your guests when your wedding will be. Either by wearing a sign or simply a photo with text.
  3. Wedding Announcements: Similar to the save the date, your pet can help you tell your family and friends that you’re engaged. Make them the center of attention as they let the world know: “my humans are getting married!”
  4. Proposal: Who could say no to an adorable furry friend asking for your hand in marriage. Exactly, no one. Which could be why many partners are opting to include pets in proposals. Just make sure the ring doesn’t get eaten!
pets in weddings pets in weddings

Photos Courtesy of Rhythm Photography

Including your pet in your wedding is a meaningful and memorable way to start the next chapter of your lives together. Not to mention, pets make the cutest wedding guests. Go on, find us a cuter guest than a dog in a bow-tie… we’ll wait.