In the age of smartphones, everyone has access to a good quality camera at all times. This is fantastic for those of us who Instagram or want to send a quick pic to a friend for a laugh. However, this can become an issue when you’re walking down the aisle and instead of seeing the faces of your family and friends, you see their iPhones.

Many couples are opting for unplugged weddings, or at least unplugged ceremonies. This means that the only person taking photos is their hired photographer, and of course, there are pros and cons to doing this.


  1. You will have an unobstructed view as you walk down the aisle: There is nothing worse than seeing photos of a beautiful bride and having all of the guest’s phones also in the picture, or worse, blocking the bride!
  2. Your guests will be in the moment and actually watch you get married: We watch so much of our lives through the screen of our phone, encourage your guests to actively participate in this special moment with you and watch it in real time. After all, that’s why they’re invited!
  3. Your photographer won’t have to worry about being blocked by guests: Many photographers say their biggest pet peeve is not being able to get the best angle of the bride because guests are in the way. This means that your photographer is spending time navigating around guest’s phones instead of focusing on you and capturing the little moments. And let’s be honest, we are paying our photographers for a reason!

unplugged weddingsPhoto Courtesy of Ever After Photographers


  1. Guest pictures can be a great way to get pictures of all your guests: Let’s face it, when you have a large group of people, it is hard to get photos of everyone. By allowing guests to take pictures, you’ll end up with photos of all your guests, not just your immediate family and bridal party.
  2. Feelings can get hurt: Even though it is not their wedding, some guests will be incredibly offended that you don’t want their smart phone pictures of you walking down the aisle. Ensure that you address anyone’s concerns before the wedding so you aren’t arguing with them while you’re trying to get married.

unplugged weddingsPhoto Courtesy of Ikonica Images

COMPROMISE: Get the best of both worlds!

Think of the most important moments of the day- your first look; the ceremony and your first dance, and have these moments be tech free. Allow your photographer to be the only one taking photos during these particular times so that you and your guests can fully share these special moments. Then allow them to go crazy during cocktail hour and the dancing so you can still see fun pictures of all your guests.

If you decide to have an unplugged wedding, or even unplugged moments, make sure to tell your guests before-hand so there are no surprises or hurt feelings. Put a little note in your invites that says: “We want everyone to be fully present as we say ‘I do’, so we will be having an unplugged ceremony. Please refrain from using your phones until the dancing portion of the evening! Thanks!” Then, on the day, have your officiant remind everyone that you will be having an unplugged ceremony.